This finish ....

I hope you can help me with this.

This is where my clubs stops after hitting a short iron. It was a fine, straight shot. This was not a cute little pitch shot. This is where my full swing ends. What does this mean? This is not a riddle or a test. I do not understand, but I want to understand what makes my swing end there. What am I doing that abbreviates the swing like that? Or what am I not doing, and why am I not doing it?

For a wedge shot that looks very good.
A driver, because it is longer and traveling at a higher velocity will be harder to abbreviate the finish… but a firm abbreviated finish is a good intention as long as the shoulders are fully rotated at PV5.

It was not a wedge shot. It was an 8-iron, an older, late 70’s club, not one of those ultra-modern 8-irons. My 6-iron swing feels like it ends in the same place (but probably moves around a bit further). My 4-iron feels like it comes around quite a bit further, to a fuller finish, but certainly not wrapped all the way around me.

This abbreviated finish is not a conscious intention. It is a result, and I am trying to figure out what it is a result of. My practice swing finishes more fully, but when I hit a ball this abbreviation happens. Why? What am I afraid of, or what am I trying to accomplish (without knowing it, or understanding why!)?

Sorry to be so clueless. I suppose one could say that I am trying to reverse-engineer my swing. I would love to have an intention that matches what I end up doing, but this abbreviation just happens.

Is PV5 the position where the club-shaft points straight up at the sky (or appears to in a face-on view), shortly before the position in the picture?

I would guess it is your still uncocked left wrist!

I swear on long arcing vs short arcing after impact…

Here I hit a 5-Iron DTL and FO:

If this person would fold only his left elbow to the finish, it would probably look like you:

But I am not sure if ABS wants this… personally it is my preferred pattern.


Thank you for your reply. Very helpful. That looks like it might be a pretty good drill for me. I think I have figured out what I am doing: Pretty much what you suggested above! It seems that I swing through with my left forearm, not my whole left arm, and I lead with the left elbow, not the left shoulder! It is disgusting really:


I suppose I posted this in the wrong forum, I can never seem to find a good home for my threads here! I am not an ABS full-swing student (yet). I did this all by, and to myself! :blush: