Things of beauty: Swings nobody could teach make a comeback

Fascinating article here for discussion. A few quotes:

I hate Chamblee’s reasoning.

He’s complaining because there’s a lack of ‘unique’ golf swings. Well, they wouldn’t be unique if everybody had a unique swing.

Then when somebody’s unique golf swing goes south, they REALLY go south because they didn’t know what they were doing to start with and now don’t know how to fix it.

I like Lag’s idea of taking a look at the truly great ballstrikers who had unorthodox golf swings and figure out what they had in common with each other and in common with other great ballstrikers with more orthodox swings.

All the ‘unique’ golf swing stuff is really about making flaws in the swing and then making a compensation to counter that flaw. That’s great if you can do it repeatedly like Furyk, but most people can’t, so that’s why the Tour players have pretty orthodox swings.

The golf swing isn’t a real mystery if you know where to look.