The S-word

Out of heavy rough, I’ve hit a few hosel rockets… I’m not worried about it at all, but just would like to know why it happens since I have my gear set up correctly…

It’s hard to put side spin on the ball out of thick rough. If the ball is really sitting down in there… sometimes you just have to come down at it steep with a more chopping action… or more of an OTT move to minimize grass getting between your club and the ball. So if you are trying to come at it very deep on the 4:30 line, low and flat into impact… then in the case of deep rough, you might want to forget all the good stuff and just hack it out of there and think twice about missing another fairway! :sunglasses:

If you use flat lie angles with your irons, then deep rough is really the only time you have to adjust your swing to something more vertically leveraged.

Make sure you grip the club very firm so that the clubface doesn’t shut down at impact by catching the grass and sending the ball left.

Thanks John,

I noticed my divot was long, well before the ball was hit… Not a deep divot, but took out some long rough about 3 inches before the ball… Probably knocked the path off line… I’ll remember not to miss fairways… :smiley: Thanks for the tips if it happens again.

If the ball is sitting down then there is going to be grass that is higher in elevation than the entry path of the clubhead into impact… so all that needs to be taken out. This is why thrust is king, and hitters will always win the battle from the rough over swingers. So obviously the steeper the entry of the club, the less grass will be in the way. But the good news is that the moisture trapped between the club and the ball from the grass will take most of the sidespin off the ball so you need to be more concerned with face angle at impact more than clubhead path. This does work into our favor.