The Pro....Claude "Butch" Harmon, Jr.

This is mainly a book about the family and in particular Claude Harmon Snr. and their golf exploits. I found the book both entertaining and it provided some great golf insights.

Once when practicing with Ben Hogan Claude Snr. asked Ben about swing plane. Mr. Hogan pointed his thumb down the range at the other players and said, “They keep trying to get their hands high, more upright, and I’m trying to get flatter all the time. As I get flat when I move into the ball with my left side, it drops me inside even flatter and I come from the inside every time without ever coming over the ball. The flatter I get the fatter my wallet gets.”

And from Claude Snr. commenting on using a beach ball as a teaching aid to get knee separation, “Look, if your standing on the eighteenth at Pebble Beach needing a par to win, you better not be thinking about a beach ball. The Pacific Ocean on your left. You want a beach ball, just hook your tee shot down there and you can have all the beach balls you want. If you want to win the golf tournament, you better have the heel of the club comming down ahead of the toe, because if the toe comes in first, your not winning”

Any thoughts on Mr. Hogan’s comments on use of the left side to get even flatter would be welcome.

Hogan of course understood flat lie angles… not only the science of it… but the biomechanics of it. I could not agree more.
The flatter I swing, the better I hit it also. I hit it farther, and I hit it straighter. HOWEVER… you need to understand how to do this properly, and it starts right with your gear. If you flatter you swing without flattening your gear, you are essentially not flattening you swing at all… because the objective is to take advantage of a flatter shaft plane through impact, not a “position” pose at the top. I have seen plenty of flat swings hit the ball like garbage… you have to have flat gear, flat swing, flat entry and exit to really take advantage of what is out there for you.

Upright swings are fine… just plan on hitting lots of balls and pulling your hair out when things go bad trying to get your timing back…

You do that… not me. :sunglasses: