“The Pole” 1 Iron Shaft

I have my first 1 wood arriving tomorrow, a Spalding Model 28. Anticipating its arrival, I’m looking for a “pole” to reshaft it with. What would be a good shaft? I understand it would be a stiff 1 iron shaft. I’ve looked online for Macgregor 1 irons with propel shafts, but not easy to find. Would any vintage stiff 1 iron be suitable? I did find one with a Jet Step shaft. Is there a modern day shaft that would work? Also, would it be recommended to tip the “pole” an inch or two?

Lag harvests ZZ Lite shafts out of Eye 2 1-irons and then extends them to length. The 3 stiffest iron shafts on the market currently are probably the TT DG X7, Project X LS 7.0, and the Modus 130 X. Afaik, none of them come in a 1-iron length, so a 40.5” blank would be the longest iron. A regular DG X100 should still exist in a 1 iron though.

I did put a 1-iron DX100 shaft in the driver. I was surprised to see some big left-to-left hooks. Would this suggest that I’m OTT and off the 4:30 path?