The Player$ Golf Tour

For ABSers who live in Northern California/Northern Nevada who want to test their game in a competitive environment and earn some street cred:

Three equally split divisions, you pay $350 plus greens fees to win a minimum of $1250. Lowest payout finish is $225. Lots of side action (Low Gross, Low Net, Big Dollar Doubles, Skins, Closest to the Pin and Hole-in-one wager pools).

From the home page:

[i]The Player$ Golf Tour, now in our eighth year, was founded by JW Means III, a few investors and the bank, of course. The Player$ Golf Tour is a private invitational tour for zero to twenty eight handicap golfers, with a minimum of three (3) flights. Our tour is designed to emulate a professional style of play; the courses are set up to include six hard holes, six easy holes and six medium holes in difficulty, like the PGA tour.

The Player$ Golf Tour prides itself on being the “Littlest Big Money” golf tour. Our players earn big money when they cash (and it’s always paid in CASH; NO SCRIP OR GIFT CERTIFICATES EVER!!!) Since our inception in 2003 the players have earned over 2.4 MILLION DOLLARS ($2,400,000). This milestone was accomplished in just over 8 years.

The Player$ Golf Tour, adhering strictly to a “Bare Bones, No Frills” management style, pays 90% of the money back to its players. What is hard to believe is that the 90% return to the golfers is four times more money paid back than to golfers on the number one PGA tour.[/i]

Wish they had this out East!