The new 4 iron

i got my copy of the latest golf disgust and on the cover is how everyone needs a new 4 iron. i thought 4 irons
were obsolete? are they going to start marketing long irons again? Brilliant!

i have listed the description of the new taylor made rocket ballz Max:

“The 455 stainless-steel face insert on the hollow tungsten-weighted body has a large, unsupported area to
increase flexibility. (4 iron: 20 degrees)”

I’m not sure what that means but i want them bad… these are what i need to tear my 6200 yard home course to shreds…

Only $1200 per set…i wonder if that includes the 6 wedges i’ll now need and i wonder how much trade in they’ll give me for
my 66 Hogan Percussions that are made out of some kinda clunky soft metal that was laying around an old shop in fort worth,
has zero face flexibility and a 4 iron loft set at 26ish degrees…

the least they can do is throw in a new yardage finder that will help me dial in those puppies.

Talk about fugly!!!

Looks like they are turning the 4 and 5 irons into mini-hybrids. The fact that a 20 degree 4-iron is about what an older 2 iron used to be and now you know why they have to add “increased flexibility”. That way it will have more of an effective loft of 24+ degrees to help that weekend hack get it off the ground. If they made a 2-iron (which they don’t) it would be about 12-14 degrees of loft. Oh wait, that’s their 3 wood.

Got to love marketing and “R&D”. Make a problem with your product and then sell the “solution” to it.

I quit subscribing to golf magazines back in 2000 (I got them free). Mostly advertising with rehashed golf tips that constantly contradict each other.

my sister gets me gd every christmas and i don’t have the heart to tell her otherwise. and i do like dan jenkins…
it took me way too long to figure out the contradicting instruction articles, but they are pretty rediculous. i think i first
came to that revalation when listening to peter kessler discussing how hosting golf academy live (the old original version) ruined his game. every
week he had a different swing theory thrust upon him…