The most beautiful iron?

Yes Styles, I have the baby blades. Great club but with so many beautiful clubs to choose from it would be rude not to try others. Just bought the set of Hogan percussion irons that someone kindly put up in the equipment thread, should be right up my street with my current swing thoughts! Lag has directed me to some gorgeous MACGREGOR MT TOURNEY RMT2 irons…I like the back and the front of these!

I took a scan from the Kaplan MacGregor catalogue of the RMT2 irons from 1966.

44 years ago…so :sunglasses:

Isn’t that amazing…a set of 9…$159 in 1966…now we can get them for less than that! … %26ps%3D63

OK…pulled the trigger. How come I get to pay $350 bucks while Robbo and Arnie pick these clubs up for £35? :wink:

After my post yesterday I had a look on ebay for some Miuras.

Found a gorgeous set and dashed off a cheeky message saying I would love to buy but its the wrong time of year etc etc

The guy has replied back asking me to make him an offer!

He is a ‘Robbo’ too!

Anyone know him?

Wonder if he’d do an installment plan :laughing: … TQ:GB:1123

Too gorgeous for words!


too funny about another “robbo”… now I know why it is I have to add numbers after it when I try and use it as a name in cyberspace (always getting the “that name is already taken” message… who’d have thought?). If I were the robbo selling these I’d cut you a deal! :slight_smile:

So many of the great iron designs are like great automobile designs… clean lines, sleek, and simple always seem to look the best.


hehe, if you’d been the Robbo selling them we#d have had to continue this in the “Its a small world” thread!!

He has written back and said to give him a shout when I have a few quid together and if he still has them I can have them. He admits they have the wrong shafts in them so in the end I’ll probably give it a miss.

I like my new irons—pretty as can be…

a couple grooves lower and all is well!


Cor they look nice bentshaft - what are they exactly? I have lost track with who has what!

Cheers, Arnie

I led Papi into a dark alley—beat the shit out of him and forced him to sell me the coppers…
He is sad—I am happy
1957 is my newest favorite year!!

this one may not win the prettiest prize, but certainly in the top 10

1965 MT’s

1965 MT.JPG

Here is a set of Titleist 680 irons. For a “Modern Blade”…they look perfect.

Not too many around in this condition. They are NEW…never hit.

I have them for sale if anyone is interested.

Standard Loft/Lie…S300 Shafts.