The Masters

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No, but that’s a good idea. :smiley:

BTW way, I can’t find that pic someone posted recently that had a caddy lounging near a bunker. Can anyone direct me to it?

Finally - Masters week!!!


Starting Tuesday thru Thursday on ESPN Classic - Masters Marathon from 1960-2010. Better get your DVR fired up for those who can watch it…

Found this story today… … 040411.cfm

Was just mentioning Carl on the previous page about 2-3 days ago-- 50 years- Congrats

How much do I love The Masters? I’m watching live streaming of players on the range and practice putting green. Heard weather is going to be great the rest of the week. Really looking forward to this. Twomasters, I’m sure your schedule is busy, but hope you can check in and add insights as the week progresses.

Phil is doing his presser. Really nice win in Houston. I’m blown away by his distance gains the last two years. What is going on? He’s certainly got that wrist angle at the top, and like Sadlowski, lets the clubhead drop behind him and he just releases it all in the downswing, I suppose…He’s going with two drivers this week and nothing more than a 4-iron in the bag. He’s not playing in today’s blustery conditions b/c he knows the weather is going to change later in the week and wants to focus on executing in calmer, upcoming conditions–smart. He looks relaxed and confident.

Isnt he packing a 46inch driver? I´m curious, is Augusta really such a course for sprayers who dont get punished when they hit it offline but 320 y into some corner? I understand that a lot of the PGA setups are, where you can basically hook it over two fairways and still have a shot into the green, but Augusta?

To me this is like gambling - lets see if the driver works this week, if so, i have a got chance of winning, if not - well lets come back next year.


Here’s some photos from today’s practice round…it was very windy. Not that many players actually ventured out there because I really doubt you would have learned much because there is no way conditions will be anything like they were today.
Had a chat with Doug Sanders and Robert Allenby. Caught up with my old caddie who now caddies for Martin Laird.
Got a bunch of videos also that I will post another time. Will head back out tomorrow for some more and watch some of the Par 3 event as I never got to play that in 1998 as a huge storm came in and they canceled it.

Here is a few videos I took yesterday…will add some more






Two–thanks for posting the photos. The Course looks to be in great shape as usual despite the storm. What’s your sense, do you think a European can win it this year? I was interested in Kaymer’s remarks that he felt he needed a draw shot to compete. Jack did alright with his high cut. Also, will you be on the grounds for Saturday and Sunday?

The course is a bit interesting this year in that the fairways and surrounds aren’t cut down as close…that may change overnight but right now the entire course is pretty lush.
I won’t go out on a limb but McDowell has looked pretty good. Seems to be driving it well. Looks relaxed. Is a good iron player. Seems long enough to not have that be an issue and is a good chipper and an excellent putter. He would be my Euro pick along with Westwood who hits a bunch of greens and is a solid putter. Poulter gets fired up for this event and is also a great putter when he sets his mind to it.
Mickelson looks the bet …watched Gary Woodland hit a drive today. Looked good, not sure about the rest of his game but he could surprise and do well. Tiger looks a bit better functioning with his action this week, but still was missing some shots, just not by as much as he has been. I think his putting confidence is lacking so his recovery skills probably won’t allow him to feature prominently unless he gets a luck of the weather draw.
Won’t be there Saturday or Sunday…had my 2 days…now it’s back to work and watch it on TV

Couple of pics of the par 3 course…nice picture of Aaron Baddeley and his little girl who walked around the par 3 with him…and a blast of the past out playing the par 3 event, (as all Major Champions of any US Open, British Open or PGA can get to compete in the par 3,not just the Masters winners)…1955 US Open Champion Jack Fleck.


Oh…to have a practice range and chipping greens like this


Tiger with Steve and Mark OMeara


17 Green

15 Green

16 Green

Hole 6

Hole 7

Hole 3

Thanks a lot for all the effort, Two, great stuff. The Jack Fleck photos are top notch, keepers for sure. Very interesting that he’s in some ways kept the Hogan look alive, all things considered…






Miguel, some good things going on in that golf swing. Definitely some old school principles at work. Some great pivot work there.

Two–thanks for all your posts. 15 green looks awesome and scary. I followed ‘Toom’ Watson a bit at the '99 PGA Championship at Medinah–always a favorite. I think Luke Donald has a good chance of winning this year. Interesting stat is that it takes a Masters winner six annual visits before that first win comes. If only it was that easy!