The Masters Online..

You guys may already know this one but I just stumbled upon it today. If you’re at work and can’t get to a TV, this is a pretty cool site to catch some of the action tomorrow- it has coverage of Amen Corner, 15 and 16, plus most of the play from the “featured group”… it was more than I thought I’d get to see today anyway!.. It looks like it’s warming up to be a good one… Great stuff…

Thanks Bomgolf. :wink:

Yes, I watched the Amen Corner feed most of the day at work yesterday and thought it was excellent. Very interesting to see how each group played those three holes. Less than 1/3 of the field was hitting the 11th green in reg. Best shots were by Dustin Johnson, Angel Jimenez, Tiger, and someone else that I can’t remember right now. Definitely recommend checking it out.

It’s a little after the fact now, but I don’t know if you caught Bobby Clampett on 15 and 16… I thought he was fantastic. Understanding and wit like I’ve never heard in a commentator before- even Miller… he even said the word ‘compression’ about 6 times! It must be something to do with the internet feed being more open and spontaneous… I wish commentary was ‘allowed’ to be that good on the ‘real world’… gotta love how free we all are over here :confused:

Bom, I don’t think I did catch Clampett at 15 & 16. Wish I would’ve. But I do agree that the commentary on those online feeds is typically much more interesting than what gets televised.