The Magic Sensor Button

The right forefinger is certainly the magic sensor button of the golf swing… in TGM terms we call it the #3 pressure point.
It’s responsible for sensing the change in direction from the top, the gradual acceleration of the club, and as the forearms
rotate into the ball. We feel it too post impact, and we feel it right through the 5th accumulator.

The #3 pressure point is the one that really is the key to feel, touch, and finesse. If you can in a sense, meditate on the subtle feeling of #3 at the transition at the top of the backswing, you would like to feel just a slight acceleration pressing the shaft into the meat of your index finger, then holding that feeling all the way down, and even better increasing it’s compression as you approach impact. It really is the gage that sends the signals to the computer for all things acceleration and feel,
which go hand in hand.

When you rake a ball over from your pile on the range, be totally aware of it… feel it, drag a club around the house on the carpet, feel it…
get focused and in tune with #3

It’s absolute most important function? PUTTING!!!

Actually what is very interesting about this timely post to me is this incessant habit I have of forcing it too early.

You know what goes next when I have this habit? … yup, putting.

I am the proud owner of a lump of dead skin formed on the inside of my right index finger, it looks like a pitcher’s mound. :wink:

I just saw video of myself, and personally, I think most things are going extremely well, but I am going to make a ‘bent right wrist’ at impact a primary goal. Otherwise, you’re just another stone cold ‘flipper’ at the range. :neutral_face: