The Long Ball

I saw this stat on the pgatour website and wanted to post it.

We all occasionally rip one right down the middle deep, and we feel good when we compare ourselves with the PGA Tour playes average drive, but I thought I’d post when a PGA Tour player gets a hold of one when they are playing.

In 2004 - Davis Love III longest drive was 476 yards. This is with a standard length shaft not the Long Drive length shaft.

So far in 2010 - Steve Striker leads the field with the longest drive on tour this year with a 424 yard drive. His average driving distance is: 282 yards.

In 1992 Mark Calcavecchia lead the tour with a longest drive that measured 372 yards.

Keep in mind those drives were at Kapalua. I’m pretty sure I could hit a 400yrd drive there.

I’ve got one for 'ya. Interested to hear your thoughts…my friends and I talk about this a lot but it is probably more conjecture than anything else.

Some maintain that a pure ball striker, with exquisite positions within motion should be able to carry at least double their body weight with a driver. So, for instance, a 200 pound individual should be able to carry 400 yards with standard length, or no trumped up equipment and ball…no downhill fairways, etc. Anyone have statistics for weight versus carry distance. :slight_smile: RR

I think distance is more about hand and arm speed. i used to be a pitcher back in the day and I could throw a ball +90 mph and I attribute this to my distance off the tee. Jaime Sadlowski only weighs 165 mph but he generates tremendous hand speed, and I’m sure when he played hockey he probably could break some backboards when he played hockey.