The Hips

How much should the hips have turned or where should the hips be at impact?

I was looking at Hogan’s Picture (below) and notice his belt buckle is almost facing the target yet his arms and shoulders are still somewhat squared to the ball at impact. I was experimenting trying to get to this position by turning my hips more and flexing my right knee (very exaggerated knee flex) while keeping my arms and shoulders more squared, like pictured of Moe (below). What i notice was i feel i can push off my right foot alot better and that my right arm becomes more of a pitch arm position. Also i felt i had more space for my club to come down into the slot at P3. I looked back at my current swing and my hips were not turned as much and my knee flex was not as good. With my hips turned a bit more, i can flex my knees alot more for some reason.

It depends…

Depends upon how long the club is… how heavy, and how hard the player is trying to hit the ball.
We get into this in more detail in module #4. But the rate at which the hips open is intrinsically tied to
forearm rotational strength, torso rotational strength and to some degree how you have your lie angles set up…given we are discussing a hitting procedure such as Hogan used.

thanks John!

That makes sense…ha