The Happy Christmas 2010 (2013!!!) thread

Just wanted to wish Lag, Two and all the contributors to ABS a very happy Xmas and New Year. :smiley: I think this forum has gone from strength to strength in the last 12 months so thanks to all involved.

All the best,


I second that! This is a great place, and it has been a fine year. I’m learning, and my “golf eyes” are getting keener.

Cheers to all

Merry Christmas to you all. It’s a well understood truth that Joseph was a carpenter, but it’s a little known fact that him and his son made Persimmon woods in their spare time… god’s honest truth!

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to everyone.

Go Low

Happy Holidays to all and Happy New Yr and make your golf game be pivot driven

Ditto…simply the best stuff ever. Lag and Two…Ben would be proud I’m sure!

Ben WOULD be proud RR!

Merry Christmas guys and thanks for all the goodness!

Its been a great year with so many fine contributions to the forum and also the module classes. The Vault remains, in my humble opinion, a work of outstanding contribution that will grow even stronger, so take a bow all those involved. The ABS forum is a great example what you get when people have passion, energy and belief in what they do. Happy Christmas to all the ABS crew.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all.

Happy holiday and merry christmas…

Yes, Happy Christmas to Lag, Two, and all of you. I’m so grateful to have found this lilly pad. Onward and upward in 2011!


Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to everyone.

Merry Christmas to everyone tonight!

It’s been a great year here, and I have enjoyed the forum and all the dedicated students who have worked hard on their module work, and of course anyone who had made the “Trek to the Deck”

Bradley’s contributions have been enormous, and Jamie’s also in “The Vault”. We have a great year coming up kicking off with the TRGA Las Vegas Classic Jan 14 to 16, so anyone wanting to play some persimmon golf, it’s not too late. Bradley and I will both be there, and will offer a little help to those who make it out.

We have a lot of things brewing on the backside of ABS with some great support from ABSer’s who believe that change can happen. Anything good that ever came about always starts with a few good men who believe in what is right, and work like turtles, pushing forward however slow it may seem to be.

We all have made a lot of progress on our golf swings, and the game in general.

The Best is yet to Come!

Thanks to everyone!

Merry Christmas to all and here’s to a great 2011!

I second (or third or fourth) the special thanks to Lag and Bradley for their time, efforts and contributions in making this a truly unique site.

Many thanks as well to my fellow students, posters, and friends here from whom I learn a little something every day. :slight_smile:


Merry Christmas to Lag and all at ABS - student forum and public forum

All I want for Christmas is a full fledged persimmon tour- and soon!! before all you guys get too good

Best Wishes…2011 is gonna be a good one on many fronts for everyone…so enjoy…work hard and reap the rewards

Merry Merry!

Just finished stuffing stockings, the Celebration is teed up, and it’s almost time to cue up Dominic the Xmas Donkey.

Well done, everyone and thanks for making this such a compelling site.


Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night…which is better than a bad bishop

Merry Christmas to all and a large thank you to Lag and Two .I have been an avid reader since the isg days and thoroughly enjoy the contributions of all. Very nice to see you out playing in Australia again Two .

Merry Christmas everybody. This is truly a wonderful place to be - the first thing I read every morning, and the last thing I read before going to bed, with many reads during the day! Here’s to a wonderful 2011 of continued module work. I feel great things coming on this year. This site has grown from strength to strength so a very special thanks to Lag, Two, and all the guys and gals that make this place special.

Christmas is all over now in Australia, but fortunately it’s not too late to wish the rest of you Happy Christmas. So Happy Christmas!

Tough second half of the year for me meant I couldn’t devote myself much to golf, but the little I did of ABS prior kept my swing in good shape the whole time–I’ve never had such a long run of ballstriking and zero inclination to tinker or even listen to any other swing instruction.

Nor have I ever come across anything so effective as ABS to unlearn the ineffective brain and bodywashing I came with. So thanks John for seeing that existing golf instruction has completely missed the boat and doing something about it.

Bradley, your love of the game is amazing for someone who does it as a job. Most other pros I know find it hard to even enjoy a round of golf when no money is up for grabs. All the photos and other nostalgia you post are like gourmet delicacies to the O.C golfer.

And everyone else, the constant trickle of posts has kept me excited about eventually returning to ABS. A special mention to Bom and robbo as I really connect with your posts. Thanks all.