The Golf Swing as Fine Art

Jonathan Calsolaro’s interpretation and understudy of the golf swing through the eyes of a fine artist.

Jonathan is also an ABSer! … and not surprising, Italian also.

Thanks Jonathan for sharing your inspirations!

That is wonderful. Thank you!

Way, way cool stuff.

The ‘colored’ pair would look nice as a sculpture on a wood ( persimmon ) base.

Can I put my order in now. :slight_smile:

Inspiring. Thank you.

I want an original hand signed painting on canvas in my house… anyone else?

Do we have a possible exclusive market here for ABS inspired fine art I can pitch or persuade the artist to create such renderings from Italy?

An ABS authorized exclusive art gallery that ships world wide hand painted originals on canvas or sculpture?

Thumbs up? :smiley:

Thumbs down? :cry:

Looks Fantastic!


I’d like to see more of Jonathan’s work here.

i’d buy one

Put me on the waiting list for one!

Great struggle to tell some thing about golf swing who it work and who to perform well. Picture teaching show best result as compare to other techniques.

The most influence thing in my golfswing for the past 3 months was and still is this thread!

fine_art_golf sw.jpgChris art.jpg

There must be something about fine art who connects to my brain - I have this picture
always in front of my eyes… I don´t have this with foto´s or videos.

Thank you for inspiration…


Didn´t know where to post, but here is some Golf and Art of Ben Hogan:
Hogan Art1.jpg
Hogan Art2.jpg
Hogan Art3.jpg
Hogan Art4.jpg

To bad that I was short of funds to buy them - I love them…


Stumbled on this while waiting at a crosswalk in Buenos Aires
IMG_2501 - Version 2.JPG