the golf ball

I thought some members here would find this interesting. It’s Monte Scheinblum’s blog about the performance of modern golf balls, and it echoes many of Lag’s and TwoMasters thoughts on the ball. He’s working with Frank Lickliter (sp?), and apparently Frank and a number of other TOUR players are starting to feel the same way.

Didn’t know he was working with Frank. I was a standard bearer in his group 2 or 3 years ago at the WM Phoenix Open. He was definitely the best ball striker I’ve followed at a tour event. At the time, he was playing Miura tournament blades, and hit a lot of great iron shots. Struggled with the putter a little, and really sprayed the modern driver. Interesting guy to talk to, though. He was also one of the only guys I saw that wore old FootJoy Classics with steel spikes.