The game continues to get dumbed down...

Warning: The following may not be suitable for some viewers, but if it starts to make you feel sick, make sure you watch to the end–you’ll feel better after vomiting.


Another LOL moment when the APP was described. I kept waiting for the part about “I’d like to quit putting skymarks on the crown of my new driver” adjustments.

I’m sure the website isn’t called www.HACKERSPARADISE for nothing.

Skymarks? I thought they were a thing of the past because these clubs are so goddam big there’s no room to get under the ball sitting on a tee limited to a max of 4".

I assure you… members of will find a way! :smiley: … ur-thread/

HACKS!!! :open_mouth:

Nobody should be saying guys on tour are hacks. But they are compromising their shotmaking skills, and their golf swing’s ability to function to optimal performance.

Are we seeing the next Hogan? With all the technology, why are we not seeing a guy who just absolutely pipes it flush straight like a machine with the driver… and works the ball into pins like a magician as Trevino did?

Players today are simply developing their golf swings around the gear that is being handed to them… with checks and contracts being written to assure they promote the stuff. Simple as that.

What is going on would be like removing chess pieces from a board and putting checkers pieces in their place. So there are a whole new generation of fine checkers players now… but they are not necessarily good chess players.

I would be more than happy to compete against any of the modern tour players with persimmon and blades on a tight golf course, even being just a casual once a week player at best. I would have no problem putting up $1000 of my own money with complete confidence that at the end of the round I would have $2000. Maybe I’m crazy but I would more than welcome such a competition. :sunglasses:

It’s impossible to become a top tier striker when every shot flutters and you can’t work it. When you can’t work it you can’t eliminate one side and then bounce off it. Plus you’ve always got the short side in play if you aim at cornered pins.

On one of the other threads somebody mentioned Industry Hills. I’d love to see a tour event there, what a monster that track is… I had never heard of it and played a Monday qualifier for I think a Nike Tour event on the Ike back in like '97 or something. When I got done I felt like I had gone 3 rounds with Evander Holyfield. I played pretty darn good and shot 76 or 77. It says 7100 yds long on the card which is the same as Brookside #1 but it plays miles longer. I went back a few times over the years and maybe once I shot 71. The greens were always really hard and bumpy too so once a shot is gone you aren’t gonna get it back. Put the tour players out there for a while and let’s see who’s really got game. Give em any clubs they want there, it’s not like they’d help.

That video is just sad…really really sad.


A few weeks ago I was on the range taking a little break. A gentleman in the far right stall came over to me and said “I see you have persimmons in your bag. Would you mind if I hit a few”. Sure, go ahead. After ten or twelve shots he puts it back in the bag and says…“thanks, in the old days we worried about the whipping coming loose. Now we worry about losing the adjustment tool.” Bentshaft and I just cracked up.

Remember those guys last year? They would hit 5 shots, then start working feverishly with their head wrench, or whatever you call it…change whatever…5 more shots,
same shit over and over…hilarious…I remember you and I would just look at each other, shake our heads…


I understand the new Titleist 909 D2 has a lie angle adjustment! Not sure how much adjustment but at least it’s in there.

I had a chance to measure one of the “stock” models weighting. D5 swingweight! Such a promising start until you consider the shaft weight (light) and club length (approx 46 inches). Overall weight = 11 ounces! :laughing:

Sooooo disappointing. Long, light, fast, and likely all over the place!


What and how heavy a shaft do you have in your metal driver (I think its a Titliest). If I remember correctly Two said he was using a 85 gram shaft.

LCD wrote

The LPGA Kia Classic is at Industry Hills this week.


I’m playing a 983E at 7.5 degrees of loft with a 90 gram X shaft in it. Great combo, but hard to find. I have some lead tape on it so it’s closer to 14 ounces of overall weight at 44 inches long. Not much margin for error but good feedback and really solid if you can hit it in the middle of the face.

In Texas (especially this time of year) I don’t know how one plays a 9 degree + driver. You really need to be able to hit the “low bullet” several times a round and I can’t do it effectively with drivers of 9 degrees of loft… it feels like too much work and with the weighting in the heads of the new drivers the ball just wants to climb. I can hit the 7.5 as high as I need to when required and it’s easy to hit “under” the wind.

I hit one of the new TM R11 white drivers last week. It’s “hot” but I felt like I was hitting with a strobe light on.


Yes I remember. What about just a few weeks ago when one of the youngsters has a shaft in one hand and the head in the other. I ask, “hey what happened?” He replies “oh nothing. It just needed and adjustment”. “You mean the entire head comes off?” “Well duh”. (Shaking our heads again).

Thanks Robbo

I guess the 983E must be a more globular design (more in keeping with the general shape of a persimmon but bigger???). For the same reason I use a LaJolla 400 cc driver. Cant hit the newer more faltter designs. I think the flat design by itself is a very anti ABS hitting design. It almost offers resistance to be squared up from deep and low P3 and probably more suitable for a more gradual (?do they call that sweep) relaease from the top.

The lie adjustments from memory only went between 1.5 deg upright and 0.5 degrees flat, or something there abouts. Whatever it was it was absolutely useless.

It must be horrible to be in an business where you’ve got to keep on ‘creating’, even if it’s bullshit.

I play a 983k 8.5 deg during comp and a Hogan Speedslot during practice rounds. Off the tee, the Speedslot always looks like it goes nowhere and the 983k looks like it goes miles. But there really isn’t a huge difference between them as far as distance goes, 10-20 yards max. Dispersion is a different story.

The lower flight of the Speedslot just sneakily gets it out there. It’s probably got 4 deg more loft, I just don’t lose the loft on it like the 983k.