The Bucket List

Yo! Here’s the list again . . . . Not sure how to handle this? John? Bidding? Or just handle by PM? I’m cool with whatever. I’ll have to get with my man’s blessing on the offers . . . Basically for those of y’all who didn’t read this in the other equipment forum. I’ve been going to this old cats shop for years fondling gear and shooting the breeze. He’s a great guy. When I was telling him there was a market for his stuff he was excited. His shop must have been originally an old soul food joint because a lot of this stuff was in a walkin freezer (not on of course :slight_smile: ) . . . . But here’s the list . . . . Holla if you’re interested.

I can give you some details about the shape of the clubs and specs as best as we can tell . . . I got a camera and could take pics. There’s a ton of other stuff in there too . . . so this list will grow . . . and later include wedges, wood sets, and partial sets. He had some really nice partial sets . . . So if you’re into this kinda stuff . . . sit tight more to come.

[b]Mac 1969 split soles 2-9

Mac Tommy Armour 3-9 2-shafts

Mac Louise Suggs #722 3-9

Mac DX Tourney 2-pw

Hogan Decades 4’s

Staff Button Backs 1971 dynalite

Left Handed Hogan Producers Legend 5 shafts

Haig Ultras Dynamic Gold 2-Pw

First Flights 2-PW 1967

MaxFli Scotchblades

Kroydon 2-PW 1940’s?

Spaulding Topflite 2-PW ball and bird

Browning Maxims

Mac DX 2-PW

Mac Tom Weiscoff Great Shape

Toney Penna TP’s R2MT’s

Left Hand Dynapower

Powerbilt Citation

Penna Originals

Spaulding Topflite 57 remakes from 1983 still in box with plastic were to be sent to Japan

Spaulding Ball and Bird #40 made set still in box with plastic were to be sent to Japan [/b]

More info on the shafts would be great… especially on the MacGregor stuff. Look for Propel, #1 on the shaft bands.
I would be interested in the DX sets if the shafts are right. Lot’s of other great sets there…

Sure . . . I’ll try to get some details. I know some of them had the propel shafts but not sure about the number. I’ll have him check. Unfortunately some of the shaft bands aren’t there or are hard to read. I know the Bird on Balls in the box were set #40 and had s300’s. I’m going to try to get back over there to get specs as much as possible and hopefully take pics. Do I have clearance to put up pics? Do you just hit image and link it up? I hope to get back over there this week maybe tomorrow at lunch to get some more info. Unfortunately they want me to actually work while I’m at work. Place would be a great place to hang out if it weren’t for those freakin’ customers.


put up pics…

If you can find a set of propel #1’s then you can just compare the step patterns to other clubs with Propels.
I would love a set of DX with #1’s

I really like a lot of the other sets… it’s just that I have a lot of them already. Anyone interested in any of these sets…
I’ll be more than happy to share my sentiments about them, and how they play. Remember also…#2 shafts are still pretty firm and would be fine for a lot of players on here…

I’d be interested in the Spalding ball and birds and maybe the 57 remakes
Can you get shaft specs for these?

Just talked to my guys dude that was cleaning up all the clubs. He cleaned up 4 sets last night. He couldn’t keep everything completely straight on what all he has done. But he did another set of Macs and a set of Wilson’s for sure.

As far as the shafts . . . . I’m pretty sure the remakes have S300’s. I’ll head back over there later this week and try to spec out everthing. The Bird on Balls and 57 Remakes shouldn’t be a problem. They are brand new with bands in place.

He would be happy to price out any kind of re-shaft and loft and lie stuff you would like. I tried to call him but he’s out. I’ll get pricing on that if y’all are interested. I’d say he’ll be reasonable on that.

Hi 12 piece,

First of all, thank you for taking the time to list this stuff here!

I’d be interested in the Hogan Decades With Apex 4’s and maybe some other sets as well.

Do you think shipping to Europe would be a problem?


I’m not no shipping expert . . . if you can tell me how to get it done . . . . we can work on it. I know I shipped some stuff to my man Meatball in Sweden . . . via USPS . . . . seemed to work? I’ll let you know on the Decades. Plan to take pics hopefully this week. I was kinda coveting those Decades myself . . . HOT.

Hi Bucket,

Shipping to the UK certainly via USPS isn’t difficult and I don’t think its likely to be that different elsewhere. We can certainly talk you through that.

Cheers, Arnie

Great . . . gotta get some work done . . . .unfortunately we’re supposed to get snow Thursday. So I’m not sure when I’ll be able to get over there to take the pics. It was freakin’ 7 degrees here this morning . . . . the light in this cats shop SUCKS . . . so gotta figure out how to take pics with out a freezing my ample booty off.

Y’all holla on the shipping . . . . I’ve done it before. And it worked. So we’ll figure out the process. Thing I remember about USPS is they didn’t have any method to track? If y’all got a better solution holla.

You should be able to track USPS stuff just fine - I have my tracking number for some MT irons and Spalding BOBs that are in the air right now. You can even sign up to be emailed when the package gets to a certain stage like leaving the country, acceptance into customs, moving out of customs etc.

Cheers, Arnie

Hello there,

Could you please send me more information about the left handed sticks in your collection. Really interested in left handed oldies but goodies.