The Boe Nogan Model

Tiger Woods said that the only two golfers to truly own their swing was Ben Hogan and Moe Norman. So this made me come up with an idea: Why not combine Ben Hogan and Moe Norman into a composite model called “Boe Nogan”?

Think about it, they swung more similar to each other than anyone else, you just have to look.

Bent right knee through impact, no straightening/jumping? Check.

Flat left arm angle below right shoulder at top of backswing? Check.

Right elbow in front of right hip when clubshaft is parallel to ground in downswing? Check.

Club on same plane at impact compared to address plane? Check.

Level shoulders to spine after impact? Check.

I could go on and on but my point is, they have so many similarities in their swings and that’s what made them hit it so good (you can hit millions of balls but you MUST work on technique or you’ll go nowhere). Technique and repetition.

My favorite part of Moe’s swing is his footwork and front knee movement while my favorite part of Ben’s is his back knee movement and “obtuse” release after impact.

What do you think of “Boe Nogan”?

I say they were complete opposites

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Are they?

You lost me. You’d have to be more specific on what the composite model would be. And showing an example of what it produces would be great. Post your swing/results?

It’s also odd to argue they’re very similar, and then also use that as the reasoning for a composite model. If you combine two things that are very similar, you’ll just get more of that similar thing.

The one thing they had similar is both worked their tails off to own their swings.

I think if you look at any top pro current or past. They are all similar to the right of the ball. But post impact is where they differ

Many say that Moe’s shyness/eccentric personality cost him from being a major factor on tour. I would say his post impact caused him

Sure he was a wonder to watch on the range or a money match. But being a master of the driving range doesn’t win won championships

I can’t remember who originally wrote this on here, but Moe and Ben are like the two ends of a rainbow. Each of them epitomised their respective techniques, but those techniques were vastly different.

I have to disagree with the current pros being similar in the backswing and downswing, now they straighten the heck out of their right knee at impact with the driver whereas Ben and Moe didn’t. Even Byron Nelson had more right knee flex at impact than he did at address, a move you never see on tour today.

Moe had more level shoulders than Ben after impact because of his release post-impact, it’s humanly impossible to stay on the address plane after impact and hold the shaft flex and not get steep shoulders as a result. Even Hogan turned the hands over after impact albeit not as much as most, you can see the butt end of his club in the face-on view when his right arm is parallel to ground after impact.

I noticed Trevino seem to be the model post-impact on here but he hardly kept up with anybody off the tee, and what good is holding the shaft flex with a strong grip post-impact if it’s just gonna lead to short tee shots and back injuries which he had in his career?

Moe didn’t even see a doctor for the first time until he was 65 and had a heart attack, he just kept on hitting balls and playing to his heart’s content everyday with no injuries. That’s the power of level shoulders after impact, no back issues to worry about long-term.

Study and copy Fleetwood. He has maybe the best action on tour.And holds shaft lean

And Lee Trevino was not short at all.He played for fairways and greens.But could be long if necessary.

I’d rather study and copy Boo Weekley’s action here

Copying Fleetwood would give you scoliosis since he never turns his shoulders level to his spine after impact, same with Niemann.

Boo won the Colonial in these pics and he proves that you can hold the shaft flex well forward at impact and still release it to level out the shoulders, and he led the tour in total driving and ballstriking multiple seasons.