Tempers & Golf


One of my earliest memories of playing American college golf, was a guy picking his bag up over his head with one hand at the top and one hand at the bottom, and throwing towards the next tee. Granted, it was a bad 3 putt, but it was a sight to behold nonetheless.

I think the college system and the PGA system are a little rigid with their ideas about this kind of thing. I don’t see the wrong in letting off a bit of steam sometimes- so long as you don’t ruin the upkeep of the course and don’t offend anyone with a big F-bomb or injure anybody…here we are still talking about Tommy Bolt and his temper 50 years later so he gained some notoriety from his actions that certainly distinguished him from some other players of his era with just as impressive careers.
In ice hockey they let the players pummel each other half to death and then they mop up the blood and play on…I would rather see some emotion from time to time instead of players behaving like robots that are too scared to overstep the line in any regard …play up these days and you get a fine or a suspension and they place you in the khaki pants and white shirt production line along with everyone else.

Back in the days of “stand-less” golf bags I was notorious for wearing out the bottoms of my Ping carry bags. There it was just laying there… such a target (sort of like my current impact bag, except lighter and more brittle). I had more bags with holes in that plastic bottom!

Then along came the new “stand bag”…a marvelous invention and I was quick to buy one. Soon after, playing a muni we frequented at that time, I hit a snipe hook 3-iron second shot into a lake on 17. And there stood my bag… proud, upright and dry, almost as if it was mocking me. One swipe with my 3-iron at the left leg and it (the leg) quickly snapped in two. BUT…the bag made this valiant attempt to stay upright! It wavered once… twice… maybe 3 times before it collapsed at my feet. I was furious, but my buddies (who were standing about 50 yards away watching the whole incident) were now buckled over in laughter as was I a few seconds later.

You should have seen me walking in, carrying that bag with the remains of the left leg just dangling there rocking back and forth as I moved… it was hilarious. :laughing:

I can’t believe how calm I am on the course now! Amazing what old age will do to you.


Funny story Robbo. Stand bags are just asking for it I reckon. After my nemesis 16th hole at my old club took me victim once again and I had to pickup (Stableford) from the trees near the next tee, I went to the next tee fuming instead of joining the rest of the group putting. I thought I was covered by the trees from their view and took a spinning back kick into my bag. I stood the bag back up before my mates arrived. They said “nice kick!” and still bring it up every couple of months. :smiley:


Now THAT is funny!!! I love it when I read something on this forum and get a real “LOL moment” out of it. I don’t think anyone I play with is capable of a spinning back kick or it would have been used by now. I can assure you if I could do one I’d have done it by now. :slight_smile:

Amazing how our mates are so happy to bring up such incidents?! :smiley:

Great stuff,


I hate it when I lose it but I tell you what, the next shot I’m like nothing ever happened.

But tempers are so funny to watch. My best mate chucked his PW so far he lost it. Had his whole family looking for it after the round. Gone.

Then he flicked a new AP2 3 iron up in the air once and it didn’t come down. We climbed the tree above us and couldn’t find it after 20 minutes. It was turned in 3 days later.

Then he chucked his SW, took a bad kick and went into the middle of a snake infested dam. Off came everything and I mean everything and he waded over to the grip which was pointing up in the air.

I never chuck clubs luckily–I love them too much. I just hate my stupid stand bag, piece of Mizuno garbage.

There was a time when showing off that you had a mobile phone was a “very important” way to demonstrate your status.

This, uhm, gentleman had a gadget that proudly displayed his phone mounted on his golf bag.

Our group and the foursome (of which this gentleman belonged) behind us were stuck at the bottleneck hole’s teebox.

The “local pro” was in our group, and about to tee off.

At the top of his backswing, the gentleman’s phone rang. The shot sailed merrily into the green-side creek.

The “local pro” turned, glared, and realized the gentleman was in the porta potty, and not likely to answer soon.

So he walked, with an almost angelic calm, to the gentleman’s bag.

And without pause or hesitation, let fly with a seven iron tomahawk on that phone. It disintegrated.

Yes, a hockey game then erupted.


One of my friends who I grew up with had a bit of a temper.
On the 3rd hole he missed a putt and hurled his putter–and it stuck up a group of pine trees that guard the next tee.
We stood there for ages throwing stuff up there to try knock it loose and get it down…
this is no exaggeration but I think at one point we had about 6 clubs, 2 buggy handles and 2 buggy wheels up in the tree… :laughing:
It got to be a laughing matter after a while…we eventually got everything down…all except for the original club which may well still be up there about 30 years later
He decided he didn’t want it after that

I don’t know why these stories of extreme anger always seem to be the funniest, but they are!

Along those lines Bradley, many years ago a friend of mine tossed his wedge up into a tree after missing a green from 80 yards out and it got stuck. He too started throwing clubs into the tree to no avail. Finally another buddy in the same group came over with the flagstick which (with it’s added length) was sure to provide the necessary reach to get the stuck club down. You guessed it… the flag was soon stuck up in the tree as well.

Meanwhile the next group was waiting to hit their approach shots so our friend who’s idea it was to use the flagstick in the retrieval process had to wave the group up while standing by the hole with his putter extended toward the sky as if he were a human flagstick. :laughing:

That story brings huge laughs 30 years later and it doesn’t matter how many times you’ve heard it!


Robbo, you’ve got problems, my friend! That’s got to be one of the funniest things I’ve heard in a long time… Top notch…

Wish I could disagree with you Bom, but… I can’t.

My other “deal” is people who talk to my ball! Whether a full shot or a putt, I’m convinced my ball listens only to me and gets confused with others start chatting it up… usually with dreadful results! :slight_smile:

Other than that I’m a decent guy. :laughing:


I remember playing in a college tournament with a guy who had the snipes all day and was playing terrible stuff. We get to this one hole around 14 or 15 where there’s crap everywhere and it was never going to be good. A red hazard started down the left at about 180, short of it was dead, and all the way down the right was the sea. His first 3 drives were all hard snipes into the crap, nowhere near the hazard line, and we were just cringing. His fourth, and 7th off the tee was as far right as it was forward- it must have taken off at about 45 degrees. He goes back to his bag, gets another one, and just snipes the hell out of it again. He turns to the two us and says, “I don’t give a fuck what you say, that crossed the hazard line”. We completely agreed.

As they say, it takes one to know one!
I reckon talking to the ball in general has to be the most commonly accepted form of madness in modern culture- I love how passionate people get talking to the ball, begging it to sit down or get up… and I do it myself too. We’re insane, no doubt about it…

Get down! Be there! Fade! Draw! Hook! Have a wreck! etc.

I was schooled long ago by an old-timer…“you’re wasting your breathe. The only thing the ball understands is ‘do right’ .” :smiley:

LOL… I KNEW that you KNEW Bom!!!

We have one guy (last name Hogan no less) who is notorious for “getting his mouth on your ball”… especially on the green. It’s to the point that I have to remind him at the start of every round NOT to do it! :smiley:

Today I have a 25 footer tracking for birdie on the 9th and he declares “it’s in” when it’s 2 feet from the hole. As usually happens it pulls up and hangs on the front lip at which point I remind again him that he promised NOT to do that! He gleefully tells me he forgot! :laughing:

I still got $2 from him today!


Ah the flagstick up the tree and subsequent human flagstick for the group following had me stitches.

Agreed, hate it when people talk to my ball, even hate it when they talk to their own ball. The dudes on Big Break yell like crazy at their balls, like it’s cool or something.

But hate it more when you get ‘good shot’ for something poor. Pros must hate it when spectators all clap for a shot the pro knew was bad.

I think I like the sound of Hogan, he’s got to be a good guy to have in the group!..
My other pet peeve is after you hit it close and you’re getting ready to putt, and someone says ‘Knock it in’. It genuinely infuriates me and there’s basically no chance I’ll actually ‘knock it in’ after that. What it makes me think is, ‘do you really think it hasn’t crossed my mind to actually knock this in?’ I’m always tempting to say, ‘jeez that’s a fookin great idea, it literally hadn’t crossed my mind prior to you suggesting it, I really appreciate the advice’ :mrgreen:

So true B!

btw… Hogan is 72 and a cranky old SOB which we are quick to remind him of. He and I have a standing 2-2-2 bet (he gets 2 a side and plays the up tees) and it ruins my day if I have to hand him any money (and vice versa). I tell him I’m wallpapering a wall in my house with his dollar bills as it means more to me than if I were to spend them. :smiley:

One of my bff’s on/off the course.

So damn funny! That’s what it’s all about at the end of the day…
Cheers, man… great stuff…