Taylormade 300 tour

I just wanted to chime in on the subject of modern drivers. I’ve seen a decent amount of you guys talking about the older titleist models being more along the lines of persimmon and I just wanted to suggest the Taylormade 300 tour version. Smaller head (not sure on exact size), great feel and a much nicer thump of a sound compared to all the new crap. Sets up dead square. Every once in a while you can find one on ebay. I’ve played around with most of those older Titleist models too and I always liked the look but never got quite as strong of a flight as I do with the taylormade.

Thanks for that. Do you know how it compares to the R510 or R510TP in terms of size? I’m looking for the smallest head possible.

The 300 is smaller than the 510 tp. I like that one too though. Those are the only two drivers I own anymore in fact. If you’re looking for exact numbers I think I remember hearing the 300 is 360 cc and 510 is 390. Have you played the 510 tp?

I actually use a Taylor made 200 series as my gamers in tour events in the 13 degree and 17 degree

That’s interesting Two. I have actually been looking for a nice little workable 4/5 wood. I might have to look into those. Any other suggestions as far as modern fairway metals?

Good call on that TM 300 Tour. I used it for a few years and it is very soft and has a really solid sound as you mentioned- it had an old school feel to it. I regret getting rid of it now that you mention it. I also used the that early Titleist 975D(?) driver for a few years- in fact I only got rid of it when I get that TM. They were very comparable, but the Titleist has a more classic look. There may have been a bit more in the TM as far as distance goes- but that may have been the shaft upgrade as much as anything else. The TM felt a little softer than the Titleist imo, and had just the best sound I’ve heard in a ‘modern’ driver.

I always wanted to keep the Titleist in the bag because of how it set up but I just lost too much compared to the TM. That TM tour is the only modern driver I have ever been able to play in the wind and not lose much. Everything else just floats out into the breeze and dies.