Tax Refund Feeding Frenzy !!

[b]No doubt I’ll have some explaining to do to the gal !..but, I always blame you guys anyways!! :smiley:

1- 1981 Hagens, with Redband Shafts 2-PW, regrip and 1/2 oz. powder in the tips was all it took, then bent to spec!
love the scalpel thin soles and topline!!
2- M85 Super EOM 3 wood, stiff TT Shaft in place
3- 2 Hogan Persimmon Speed Slots 1 & 3 Wood (not pictured) with Apex 4 shafts…
Grande’ total inc. SH = $168.00…!!
Now, if I can just sack up and flatten the woods ! :mrgreen: [/b]


2013 clubs.JPG

Good score there…
love the Haig’s!

Yeppers!.. I already have played the Haigs, they feel SWEET!,
I showed them to my buddy who was playing with me hitting his Callaway shovels!..
said " how the hell can you hit those ’ little’ things ?"…
I proceeded to demonstrate…and beat him by 8 strokes… :smiley:
Hitting all but 4 GIR… including 3 par 3’s at 185 yds +
Too much fun!