Taking Dead Aim - Potential Energy

Was reviewing potential energy and technology and was captured by the first picture. If I had to select one of these two to make one shot, one time, for all the marbles, I’m picking the one with intense eyes shooting for food, not Olympic technology shooting for trophy.




Interesting stuff, Double R.

It’s funny, I can see some alignment things in these too. There was a Peter Alliss instructional video I saw at one point, talking about alignment. He was saying how if you’re firing a rifle your shoulders would be ‘open’ so this should also apply to golf. Snooker/Pool too, the shoulders are open, imo, even thought you’re hitting straight shots - other than cue-ball spin, etc

It makes sense too, the left hand is on the left of the rifle/cue, and the right is on the right. It’s the same in golf, the right hand is below the left, which seems the obvious thing, but it’s also outside the left. I think Hogan talked about the right elbow being ‘under’ the left, but his setup was fairly right side dominant regardless. He was ‘open’ with most clubs too, with the right side ‘outside’ the left.

I can see ‘parallels’ with your pics here :innocent:

Using the Sportsbox App that measures trackers/body parts throughout the swing you would also find that most tour players are actually on average 11 degrees open with the chest and shoulders at address :+1:
Top of backswing they average 94 degrees closed (turn) and then get around 29 degrees open at impact. This is with driver and an average- some are more & some are less


Good points, and before I posted the pictures I ran them by Mall Rat for her spontaneous thoughts and the first thing she commented on was the closeness of hand to eye in the natural archer versus the Olympic archer. That’s about as close to your work as you can get with hand-eye coordination.

Mall Rat might be more than just a coupon shopper after all.