Tai Chi Posture

Lag wrote “Personally for my own swing, I embrace more of a tai chi posture”

So after watching Angel Cabrera’s swing over and over again I could not help but notice his rounded back. He might be the poster child for modern day rounded back. So all this got me thinking that the “stick your but out posture” could be one of the biggest swing wreckors taught by modern instructors. Mike Maves talkes about this in his video and says this teaching is “BALONEY”. I myself had adopted the “stick your but out posture” for many years and i now think it could have been my biggest downfall. You could see the great big “S” in my back for miles!! It has just dawned on me that this “S” posture gives you no room for entry into the 4:30 line because your chest is sticking out toward the ball.

This Tai chi Posture might be something that is only taught in the modules but I was wondering what it entails. You mentioned the rounded back and squeezing the abdominals.

Did any of you ABS’ers have to radically shift your posture because of modern day BALONEY?

It certainly helps me stay more structured and balanced through the strike. Maintaining a cohesive body tension is one of a hitters core objectives… We do address this in detail within the module work.