Swinging flatter is better

Continuing the discussion from Swinging Flatter:

The “reverse C” was popularized in the mid-late 60s by Jim Flick’s “Square to Square” methodology. I caddied at the club where he was head professional and saw many touring professionals come to town to learn this method. I’d hear him telling his students while my loop was warming up on the range say, “If you think of finishing in a reverse C, you will figure out how to set the club and plane on your backswing.” Many of his members who were good players regressed and many of the pros fell off the face of the earth. That “reverse C” s - - t became so ingrained in my swing that it finally required me to undergo a spinal fusion. My baseball swing as a kid served me very, very well until I was told I would probably never reach my potential if I did not get rid of “that terrible flat swing, because it was just a matter of time when it would leave me.” Interestingly, my surgeon told me I would have to swing around my body…a lot…when I recover. When I asked, “Flatter?”, he said, “Similar to batting in baseball.” So…I really feel for Will Zalatoris and I know where it will lead if he doesn’t change his motion.