Swing Evolution (Ben Hogan)

I was browsing once again thru youtube and found this fella. Does anyone know if hes a student here? He appears to have some good elements going for him and a good grasp of the classic swing.

Anyways, he mentioned Bradley Hughes in the first vid here. I also posted “Whats in my Bag” vid and notice he was using Ben Hogan blades 3 degrees flat. Dont know if they have been weighted or not. Either way, getting flatter is a good start!

So here are few of his vids…he has a ton uploaded on youtube.


Kudos to him, he certainly seems to be doing all the right things, while at the same time enjoying the process.

I’ve followed Christo’s progress for a while, he may be a member here, not sure. He posts a little bit over at SITD. One concern I have is that recently he’s trying to chase distance, getting his ball speed up, by going to lightweight drivers and all that crap. I did remind him to be aware of the effect that lightweight upright stuff can erode the swing and he be back at square one wondering where his consistency went. 270 in the fairway is better than 310 in the trees

More shoulder rotation and more knee flex to initiate transition would do wonders, as would swinging a proper driver.