Strap treatment/ Joe Dante

You had posted a while back regarding something from Four Magic Moves, by Joe Dante. That book also contains a drill called “the strap treatment” (p121 in my copy), whereby one uses a belt to promote the right upper arm sticking to the right side during the swing.

Do you (or Lag) have any thoughts as to whether this is a useful aid?

I will have to read the book and find the part you are talking about…

My only concern with that thought is we don’t (I don’t for sure) want to feel my right arm out of action or tucked on the backswing… I want to create some width so I can load it into the downswing…and then on the follow through I want to extend and fire and find that awesome PV5 position
I would think such a device…as a Leadbetter Strap or even a headcover or towel under the arm would be cause for concern because of it reducing width and tucking in tight throughout the entire swing instead of only from P3 to P4 which is the important areas for that right arm feeling tucked
Does that make sense?

Thanks Twomasters. Yes it does makes sense.

I wondered if there may be drawbacks…for instance on the backswing, keeping the arms in tight may not be the right feel. Also, it might be like an orthotic on the forward swing, or that one could get “dependent” on it.

But I am impressed with how hard it is to keep those arms packed in tight, and how well some guys seem to do it, while others can’t or don’t. And I am not above seeking a crutch , or shortcut to a better swing. :blush:

That’s one thing about golf…you can tell people “the secret”, and even show it to them…but they still can’t step up and do it. I guess it makes it that much more valuable/special.

I found an old Leadbetter strap in the closet, I think I may experiment a bit with it in my “dirt”. See if it can help me get the feel.

I don’t like straps or towels under the arms… because they inhibit the very important lift into PV5, and also the module 6 Snead diagram for those who are working on that stuff over there…

We want a gap between the left arm and shoulder at the top, that we can then load into on the way down… in other words, we close that gap by moving the torso INTO the arms on the downswing… maximum torso rotation, minimal hand travel.

As far as why some players can pack it in tighter than others… it’s simply their effectiveness at doing module #1… whether or not they ever worked on it or not… some people are just great module 1ers…

The work that is done with modules 1 - 3 is what allows us the option of a flatter more compact backswing… but closing into that gap is always advantageous.

Thanks! I appreciate the explanation.
I’ll keep doing the drills/ “endeavor to persevere”…