Strange Macgregor Colokrom Set

A couple winters ago I bought these irons. I had my gf pick them up so I didn’t get the backstory about them. They came in one of those old wooden shelf/box things. It was p&b Powerbilt I think.

They all came with the green rocket shaft but are longer than other Colokrom irons I have had.

There are no serial numbers on them.

The 2, 6 & 11 irons are M75 and the rest are M85.

The grips aren’t the normal leather grips from back in the 50s. These are the leather slip ons I think. I have no idea when those were invented.

The 11 iron sand wedge has a longer shaft than the 9 iron. Is this normal?

These are a great set but I’m curious if anybody has some theories on them.

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Sounds like they were owned by a tall player who lost a few clubs along the way.
SW longer because you have to bend over so much more when you open the clubface.
This is why ABS specs out SW very upright… so when you open, they flatten out back to normal hand position.