State of The Game

This thread is for posting quotes we may run across involving the State of The Game.

Geoff Shackelford is a wonderful resource for many great quotes:
Will start it off with this one today from his twitter site quoting architect Robert Trent Jones




All these great icons of the game knew how the game should be properly played and how the courses should be set up for professional and high level amateur competitions.

How golf went from then… to what it is now… simply should never have happened. It’s shamefully disrespectful to the generations that came before us who did so much to create these amazing courses for us to enjoy in some of the most valuable and scenic properties that would be nearly impossible to develop in today’s economy. They showed us how to swing the club and play the game with properly designed gear for us to use and model off, and a decency of etiquette, and manners to conduct ourselves accordingly.

Golf Course Closures (National Golf Foundation)

Lag–the metaphor of the supertanker trying to change direction comes to mind. It better be more than a gradual reduction. I say accelerate it, get it over with, don’t let it linger, the quick and the dead. The global economy as presently constructed is in a death spiral. I know you welcome a shake-out in golf courses, so do I. Unfortunately, that shake-out will gather many employees, players and families, struggling in this very harsh economic environment and kick them to the curb. There is no answer and I know it’s just capitalism, I understand that, but by God, these days, these days concern me…