Stan Utley DTL pitch, CP release, Flat plane

This is a vid of Stan Utley pitching the ball from the DTL view. Just like Lag, he prefers a flatter plane. His pivot and post impact positions look very CP. Something to work on.


Interesting he says in one of his chipping videos a shallower entrance allows for more error not requiring exact precision. Hogan said the chip is just a short version of the swing. I was kind of going back and forth between pivot and more arms when chipping. Utley just gave me clear direction to use a pivot driven chip a short version of the pivot driven swing we are learning at ABS.

Thanks Pinzer. This video cleared up a lot for me…littlealm

I agree Littlealm. I’ve struggled with many different styles of pitching, chipping, etc. There looks like alot of good ABS stuff in this pitch video. It was eye opening how he keeps connected and finishes so far left. I’ve read his short game book several times, but never picked up that he was THAT far left.

My pitching has improved a lot since starting ABS, just by keeping connected and ensuring the pivot dictates distance and contact. I notice Utley really swung flat as you guys say - I might try that and see how it goes.

I brought only my 58* wedge to the range today to practice the Utley pitching/chipping method. I hit some great pitches… and some poor ones, but I’d say 80% or so would be acceptable. I’ll be sticking with it. I figure another 9900 balls and I should have it down pretty good, lol.

One thing I noticed is that my wedges are too upright. They are 4* flat. I’m going to try and bend them myself another 2* or so. My misses were all left, and the toe was a little in the air at address.