Split soles

Just agreed to buy the split soles from NRG that are listed on the UK fall lag bay section. Can’t wait to receive them!

I know I love my wedge…Nice & heavy but a thin sole…Nice combo…

I’m sure you’ll enjoy them.

I’ll have to double check to see if NRG added new shafts. I’ve got an old set but thinking adding about new shafts. I think the factory issue is a wee short, IIRC

Nice looking set NRG. Do you have any more tips for removing off-set? I still don’t quite have the hang of it. That 3-iron looks great!

Great choice James - everyone who has one seems to love their Split Sole wedge. I love the way you can open the blade up 5 or 10 degrees round the greens and still have no bounce, it’s like carrying 2 clubs.


I think you need to get a the hang of the pushing and pulling at the same time technique that they talk about in that video. When adding the loft at the top of the neck, its a bit like you are turning a steering wheel where you keep both hands on when turning, pull down with the left hand and push up with the right, but like you are trying to shift the whole wheel down to the right. When taking the loft back off, just pull down with the right hand but lower down. If you just bend up and down, then you are just bending up and down. Hope that makes sense and that I got it the right way round. I am not claiming to have totally mastered it yet, I still struggle to get all the offset off some short irons, long irons seem to be no problem at all.

Thanks NRG…I think I’ve got your drift and will mess around with it. Appreciate the help.

Indeed NRG, I read that on a post about lag’s wedges. I wonder how the split sole influences a 3 iron versus, say, a wedge? Would the leading edge help the club dig more than slide?


I don’t really notice any difference between a split sole and a blade with the longer irons, but i’ve always used blades that have a thin sole anyway. Be interesting to hear Lags thoughts, I am pretty sure he shot the course record at Mare using a set of those.

The split soles came out in a era of better golf swings. Better ball strikers who enjoyed what those clubs had to offer. This soles were always what you would find in the best ball strikers bags. You can make better contact and do more with the ball from tight lies, and they cut through the rough better like a knife. I did shoot my best round (course record at Mare 65) with a set of split soles. I have a set of Tourney Custom 985’s with firmer #1 Propels in them stock I am trying to finish putting together, but am missing a 3 iron shaft from that set. It’s an unusual step pattern in the Propel that I haven’t seen in the others, so been trying to track that one down. Also looking for a stiff green band 2 iron Rocket shaft for a set of early 56 Dynas. A 2 iron is the hardest shaft to find because unlike a 7 iron, you can’t just tip one to make it fit.

I have just purchased some macs Cf4000 with propel 1 firm flex shafts. Are these the holy grails that Lag has been talking about. Or did they have a numbering system throughout the different flexes? The seller assured me that these were stiff. They seem pretty stiff to me, but did Mac call their stiffs firm back in the day?


i was watching those as well, the shafts confused me too. let me know what you find out about them, and how you like them.

that is a really nice set at a great price!

I also recently purchased a set of cf4000s in near new condition with propel 1 shafts. I will have to lengthen them, and recently striped the grips off. All of the clubs had wood extenders of about 1/2 inch which I just cut off. However, the five iron had about a 21/2 inch wood extender. Any ideas what to do about that one? I don’t know if I can find a shaft extension long enough (I need to add an inch so that would make the extension 31/2 inches). Could I just glue an extension onto the extension? I want to save the shaft so I have propels in all of the set.

Also, planning to put on a set of leather best-grips. Lag mentioned them a while back. I didn’t see any response. If anyone has used them let me know what you thought.

Here is an extension that has the length… golfgalaxy.com/GolfWorks-Ste … CP/Product

Now, what I cannot tell you is that if that much length changes the feel of the club or not.
But, for under $3, why not try it.

Oh yeah, epoxy that thing in. Preferably with some shafting beads.