Splintered Driver

Just wondering if anyone has shared this experience? This was a modified Spalding Model 56. It was bored out to accept an X100 1-iron shaft. The neck did have the typical hairline crack, but as you can see the neck is actually still intact with the shaft. This was put into play less than 3 full rounds.

I was using a Spalding Tour Edition ball. Perhaps the head was damaged in the modification process or my over acceleration from the top. The latter is actually what brought me here in the first place.

Funny enough, the shot causing the break was actually well struck, on a beautiful flight, well past my playing partners.

These things often crack where the soleplate screws rust, but they are brass and the wood looks ok??

Possible it just dried out after being in an attic for 70 years. These things happen.

Would save all the screws and parts you can salvage.

Yes, I’ve broke a couple. One was a Spalding like yours that just seemed to have dried out.
I made the mistake of hitting range balls with it in freezing weather.

Could make a joke about ‘oil hardening’ vs not. But I have had drivers break on me. They are pretty much like baseball bats. You want the grain to be going from the insert to the back of the head as straight as possible for it to be the strongest. Of course, symmetrical grain rings/circles look great when they end up at the toe of the head, but it was more than just visually pleasing. When a head came out without the best grain pattern, most of the time they got painted black.

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