Spine Tilt and Forearm Rotation

Nice clarifying video Lag on setting the P3 stage.

A while back while rotating my unlike Popeye forearms into the strike I experienced an image that’s stuck around for a while and after some digging found Moe Norman had a similar one when he said the club was a trigger and the ball was the bullet. I was wondering if he may have had the hammer in mind when he made that reference.

If you look at a gun hammer there is a one pivot point below it so the hammer can travel in an arc into the strike. Of course it’s all under cover of revolver’s handle, not seen, kinda like a swing. So maybe Moe could have also said the club is a hammer and the ball the bullet.

So I have a new outlook when someone says ‘you really hammered that one’. It’s not a carpenters tool, it’s a gun hammer. Just rat brain stuff…


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