Spikeless Footjoy Classics (Professional Model)

I recently could not pass up buying a pair of Footjoy Classic Professional shoes (spikeless) in excellent shape, at a great price. Before I ruin this beautiful pair of shoes, I am wondering if anyone has ever played in these in lieu of metal spikes. When metal spikes were permitted at virtually every golf course, I played my best golf, because I could really feel the ground force and my pivot. Plastic spikes…I slip a lot and do not feel the torque I did with steel spikes. That said, I am particularly interested in knowing if anyone has played in the Footjoy Professionals and their experiences.

the last pair of shoes i had were footjoy pros…they had a molded sole that was ok when new but after a while both shoes split at the sides both on the instep and the outside of the shoe right around the ball of my feet…recently found a pair of brand new niblicks with steel spikes that cost me $8 at a charity shop…there is no comparison between the two…the latest golf shoe designs are made to wear out within a year or two depending on how often you play which is just a sign of the times i guess

Here’s what they look like.

Thanks for your feedback! I concur with you regarding golf shoes of today wearing out in a couple of years.