Speed training ? Has anyone done any of the Speed Training Protocols?

Has anyone tried the Super Speed protocol or the Stack System ? If yes, did it promote more of a swinger release ? Just curious. Thx

I did it, but I want to be clear…I made my own speed sticks and did not purchase their stuff. I made them based on the specs they have directly on their website.

I went online and copied their training program, ABS’d some of it…and went to work. Got maybe 6 weeks into it. Started at 113mph just flash speed with lightest stick.

I can say honestly, it did promote a swingers release. I picked up a lot of speed though. On my radar, I hit 130+ on a few training sessions…hurt my back doing it too. Felt “fingertippy”…flippy. Video analysis proved I was right. Stall and massive flip. It was unplayable, and I’ve spent the entire year working my way back. Lesson learned I guess.

Heavy club work with ABS gear seems to have sped my pivot up tremendously this year and I believe I can get to 115mph by the end of the year (started at 103mph). Maybe 120 if I stay consistent with drilling through the winter. Just not sure how the hips will love that, so if 110-113 is where I settle, I’m fine with that. I still 165-170mph ball speeds…even on mishits.

Modern driver by the way…with persimmon ABS work and radar I’ve rarely drilled past 105 mph.


Tried it for a bit but found it was leading me to throw from the top - actually found the mach3 stuff suited me better

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Thx. I wonder if the Stack system has a little bit more momentum building ?

I also think the Mach3 stuff can be adapted better for a pivot-driven swing. I need to do more of it!

Yeah I think it can certainly assist with module 3 work

Hey man, how did you go about making your own?

I’m intrigued by the benefits of these but some of the prices are comical. I’m tempted to get a ladies’ shaft and mess around with it. How did you make one?


You can take old shafts, put a modern adapter on it, put some washers on the end until it hits desired weight. You basically stack small washers up and the screw it in with a home depot screw. I then ductaped it all because im ex military and thats just what we do. Lol…

Rinse repeat 3 times for 3 different sticks. Cost me $20 @ home depot for screws and washers.

Those arent mine. There are videos all over YouTube. Ive since dismantled them and built ABS speed training sticks. Totally different weighting…


Class :ok_hand:

Thanks for that, man.


What kind of speed training do you do? Fast Mod 3 work or more traditional Speed Stick protocols?


I just started with the Stack. I don’t think the system promotes any specific type of swing or release. But I’m very early in the foundation program.