Spalding Tour Edition Custom Crafted Blades

I have just taken delivery of 2-PW of these bad boys…

In very nice condition and only £75 +Postage. … 0312731823

The 2 iron looks scared as it know it will be spending time with the impact bag tonight and Mikey in our proshop saturday getting bent nice and flat :mrgreen:

They doo look so much harder to hit, I had forgotten what a true blade looked like.

Can’t wait to see how my ballstriking fairs with these.

Anyone have any advice on what to reshaft withlong term? They only have Dynamic Gold R300’s in which I think will be good for me intially feeling the flex a bit more, but will neeed a reshaft long term.

what shafts do you normally use?

Nice job - they look lovely! In terms of reshafting I would just see how you go to start off with, then you could look at S300/400 or even X100. I think I remember Lag saying that for hitters shaft flex is not quite as important as for swingers as long as you are aware of what adjustments you need to make. In fact here is his explanation when I asked the same question:

I’m currently using 6.0 rifles in my hogan blades. That’s a great post on shaft flex though. Basically we should be able to feel the flex and hit anything as a hitter.

I’m thinking it will be easier initally to feel that flex with the regulars

Good advice

Has a chat with the pro who does my clubs, we are going to go for Dynamic Golds S300’s tipped a quater inch and follow the loft/lie guide, initially going 3’ flatter

They are so pure, when we had a look at me hitting them, he tried them and loved the feel!!!

He loved how there was no offset!!!

That’s a great set…

I was playing with Ron Chalmers, who ran the Rifle Shaft Company for years… they made the Apex shaft for The Hogan Company also…

When I asked Ron last week what his all time favorite set of blade was …

Your set!! the Spalding “Bird on the Ball”

I have a set I’m looking to set up soon also…

fun stuff!!

let us know how they FLY!!!

Just a little update. These irons I am falling in love with. I have hit over a dozen pure 2 irons in the last couple of weeks that are to be honest indescribable

I have just checked the model and make, and as Lag mentioned they are the bird on ball Custom crafted

I would say I am about 2 clubs shorter than with a modern club but they set up and feel soooooo good :open_mouth:

I have been looking…you dont see them too often…
I let a top flite bird/ball get away from me last week (I fell asleep)
but I keep looking!!
I have a nice set of spalding persimmon to go with the irons, whenever I find them…
good stuff Mr. 2 iron!!

Feeling quite pleased with myself, having just picked up a set 3-sw of these for £50.

Pretty good nick, strangely with TT r300 shafts (seem to have a spalding id tag number label on the shaft as well) and tour wrap grips. Lovely looking things,

Well be getting them flattened over the coming months - looking forward to that!

Due to a clearout I am looking to sell these beauties.

Anyone interested?

I could be…I’ve pm’d you