Southern California ABS'ers (Orange County)

Seems like a decently small community here… Any orange county California ABS’ers here? Would be rad to get some swings in with somebody and share thoughts and feels.

I’ve got a simulator where I can see the numbers and tends to be helpful with the swing changes and application of the drills.

Let me know!

I used to live in LA County but moved to Vegas a couple years ago.

I’m also looking for someone in the San Jose area.

Love the idea of meet ups. I’m in UT though. In CA about once a year…

Been pitching it hard to my golfing circle. Zero takers on starting the drills. Very odd to me how nobody is willing to explore and put in any work. Boggles my mind. Pretty similar for every circle I explore, nutrition, bible, fitness, golf. People seem to just be happy plodding along with no result.


Agree, I work on my swing at 5 or 10% speed until I get even the remotest change on video or mirror work. Then gradually increase with confidence im doing it right. Many just don’t have it in them to take the learning process that slowly. Not surprised really. As everyone wants changes to work after 1 swing

Ballturf is down in OC…
you might PM him…

I know there have been few others as well.

I used to go down there often because my wife’s Mom lives in Westminster… but we haven’t been down in a few years due to various circumstances.

I would like to get down there again soon…

Come down Lag! I need to see you hit these Hogan’s you built me!