Some swings you may remember

Carl Welty is known to have one of the best collection of golf swing videos in the world and I was surprised to find that he posted some of those from his collection on youtube. Here are a few links. Maybe we can have some analysis by Lag and TM.

Greg Norman at his finest

Tom Kite with the frozen rope right arm through impact

Fred Couples 1981- backswing not so outside as today

Snead 1987- still hitting in his 70’s

Sergio 2008- not old but this swing is as ABS as possible

Ricky Fowler
and just when you thought he was going to HIT, the club goes to right field

Trying to remember the name of the tour player in the 60’s-70’s that had a mental condition- as I recall kind of like Jimmy Piersall had with the Boston Red Sox.

I’d like to see Fowler’s swing with an iron. He swings pretty far out to the right and is obviously a great player. Tough to swing that far out to the right with irons and do it well.



That’s it…thanks. Whatever happened to Jody Mudd?

Look at his left foot at impact - dancing on his toes…

Are you lot suggesting Fowler doesn’t have game? :open_mouth: :astonished:

Who is suggesting that?

We’re suggesting he swings quite far out to the right (which is more than okay with a driver) and that he does get up on his toes. Fantastic pivot, but it’s not a swing that I would try to model after.


That’s the first time I can remember seeing a Y load at that angle at the top… Jimmy Bruen sideways…