Some new irons sets from Arnies collection


Just some quick links to pics of some old iron sets I have picked up recently:

Wilson Dynapower Custom Grinds 3-SW (70’s I think):

These and fun and are link a surgeons scalpal with the way they go through turf. Better for a picker than a digger I would guess.

Hogan Apex 1973 2-PW

One of the early Hogan Apex models these have Hogan Legend #5 shafts in which are as stiff as a iron bar!

Hogan Apex Redlines 1998 3-PW

15 years later very little seems to have changed at least cosmetically

MacGregor Nicklaus Muirfield 2-PW

I think these are from the mid / late 80’s but I am fond of these they are reasonably heavy and have a nice set of S400 shafts in.

Cheers, Arnie

Those are some great finds…

I love the look of those dynas… and the early apex…
It is so incredible that the general public is so blind to what is out there… it’s a great thing for us…
At some point in the future, that might change but until then… I LOVE EBAY!!!