Some good stuff for sale

I have decided to sell a few sets of old clubs.

  1. 1960 (?) Spading Top Flites, 2 - 9, X200 shafts. Also have the 1,2,3,4 woods with original shafts.
  2. 80s Hogan PCs with #4 shafts, 1 - pw.
  3. 1990s remake of early 60s Top Flite irons, 2 - pw, dynalite stiff shafts.
  4. Hogan round soles, 2 - pw. Feels like #5 shafts.
  5. Hogan power thrust, 2 - 9, 1961, x100 shafts, D6.
    All offers entertained.

Correction! The Hogan round soles are 3 - pw.

Email sent requesting pictures…specifically numbers 2, 4, and 5. Thanks.

I tried to take pictures of them all with my I Phone. For some reason, I can’t upload them.

I know this post is a year old, but did you ever sell that set of power thrusts? I have the matching ‘equalizer’, one of my favorite clubs for mowing the backyard. Heavy as hell, I’d imagine the whole set is pretty burly. PM me if you still got 'em!