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In golf pivot has been vaguly used to mean a lot of different things from the legs, hips, torso, sternum etc etc. It is also used as a verb to describe movment patterns. I believe Pivot as the center of rotation in a lever system is the only logical use of the term. So where is the center of rotation in the golf swing? Is it the same throughout the golf swing; and if thats the case does it remain fixed or moves/rotates. Or are there different points of rotation at differrent stages of the golf swing???
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It’s also got something to do with a couch and newell post…


piv·ots plural

  1. mechanical engineering point on which something turns: a pin, shaft, or point on which something turns

  2. turning movement: a turning movement on a pivot or while standing in place

  3. transitive and intransitive verb turn on pivot: to turn on a pivot, or make something do this

  4. transitive and intransitive verb wheel or swing around: to wheel or swing around, or make something do this

  5. intransitive verb depend on something: to be dependent on somebody or something, usually a single person, thing, or factor

  6. transitive verb provide something with pivot: to provide something with a pivot on which it can turn

Little long in the years for me on this one…and I forgot a lot of drum corp stuff.

But this may be a place for Teebox to jot down some insights about drill marching and all the pivots therein…Maybe a lot of similarities and feels but more in an abstract sense. Just a thought!

For our purposes here, the collective efforts of feet, legs, hips, torso, shoulders. Arms act as spokes for the most part, with the right arm folding to allow for the human condition, and the left arm doing so also post impact.

Forearm rotation and hand action is a separate motor mounted at the end of the spokes… with the two working in unison for the common good held together through a developed cohesive body tension.

Drill instructors enthusiastically thumping my brain box proved beyond any question that close order drill was NOT my strength. I am eternally grateful the golf swing pivot was not on our boot camp training schedule. My aim here is only to watch and learn.

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But why should we call such a conglomeration, a pivot which denotes some kind of center or point.

There is a center point…
Chi or Dantien

Came across this article. Seems to be pertinent to our discussion of the ambiguity of motion/pivot. It will be itresting to hear from the martial art guys on the validity of Master Henry Gong.
Damn it I used to live in Flushing where he schools. :smiling_imp: