So that is where the "magic" happens....

This is a Taylormade marketing video for a launch of their new irons. I think that is one of the most preposterous things i´ve seen in a long time, and i get the feeling as long as this kind of mindset is running those companies, there will be change, but not for the better. If you only want to watch the scariest part imo - go to 3:50 - 5:20


Almost like an Amway recruiting environment!

Makes one wonder where it will all end. At some point “technology” may hit the outer limits of planned obsolescence, and if it does, it will be interesting to witness how OEM marketing departments will promote “scaling back” in order to sell more clubs each year. :slight_smile: RR

lol… so many observations after watching as much as I could of that video. In random order I’ll list them:

1 - When did Ashworth sell out to TM? Why isn’t this guy wearing the pyramid? Makes me wanna get rid of my Ashworth shirts.

2 - I play with plenty of really good golfers (scratch and better). Not one carries a wrench with him to alter weighting in the clubhead. No offense to anyone on here who subscribes to that theory, but if you do you’re on the wrong forum.

3 - I had to pick up some grips at Golfsmith this week and as I passed thru the sandwedge aisle I noticed that TM was now putting weight ports in their sandwedges. Are you kidding me??!! What a joke.

This video is a perfect example of the state of the industry. All the better for those of us looking for great deals on older clubs. Please please please keep touting the state of the art at $800 a set. I’ll keep buying equally as good a set for $80 on ebay.



Ah Lag, you’ve just cheered me up after watching that video.

But really, what are they teaching you in schools over there–Tony Robbins 101? The fanaticism is crazy. This Mark[eting] King guy is the flippin’ head of a golf company and he’s treated like a god?

He did look and sound like the high priest of TM to me…

Our club is infested by new Taylormade products since one of our pros is pushing them really hard (most of the good players dont play them though, especially the irons…) - never have i seen anybody, before play or on the range fumbling around shifting weights or clubface alignment. So whats the use of it vs a conventional properly fitted driver driver?

Actually robbo - credit where credit is due - thats probably the only useful invention TM made in quite some times. Those screws arent weight ports (dont get them wrong ideas :smiley: ) - they let you change out the clubface of a wedge when its worn out and replace it with a new one. So its actually something that reduces the costs for a golfer, instead of buying a new wedge for 100$ you buy a new clubface for 30-40$.

BTW. in order to keep their “promises” of a faster technological evolution going and turning out new products every 6 months - they pretty much pushed every USGA limit to the max already (MOI/COR/Head size volume/new head materials?). So how are they gonna advance from there? I think thats the scary part - how influential are they, that they might be able to change USGA rules, just so that they can keep developing new equipment?



Thanks for that clarification. Wow!!! TM (as you so accurately stated… the kings of 2 product releases per year) making a wedge that you don’t throw away or get rid of as soon as they obsolete it with another design??? I never would have imagined that was in the company mission statement! :smiley: Somebody must have screwed up.