So how difficult is it to hold wristcock into P4?


If I do the same calculations for an angle of 120 deg, instead of 90 deg, the retaining torque through impact reduces to 50 lb-ft.

I am really only concerned with the dynamic forces, because this is what we are going to be feeling when we actually swing the golf club. The key to this is realizing that these forces are changing and intensifying as the swing progresses toward, and even beyond impact. The climax of intensity in the wrists should be felt long after the ball has left the club… therefore the intentions of hand pressure management must be understood correctly.

As everything in the golf swing… it comes down to what the pivot is doing… flat shoulder rotation through the ball is going to set us up nicely to do this… to feel the opposing force in the hands. It is then that the 4:30 line really bears it’s true meaning.

This pressure Mandrin talks about is very real… and if harnessed properly, IT IS the key to understanding the subtleties of ball control and shaping shots.

When this lightbulb went off for me years ago, it was by far the most eye opening moment in my personal evolution through the golf swing.

It was not covered nor in any way conveyed in TGM, and ultimately led me to jump ship.

I chuckle when people accuse me of being overly technical! :open_mouth: I am not even close. Lag, am I in good company when I say I try never to allow my left wrist to fully uncock? Level wrists were an important thing for me to understand. I saw the “danger” of letting the left wrist “go” completely, so I gravitated to hitting. At least as a swinger I felt as though my pivot was a continuous motion. As a hitter I developed the equal and opposite deal for the thrusting right tricep (and I heard a strange sputtering noise like something was stalling!) It was pretty effective from 80 yards and in, but it lost its lustre the longer the shaft became. Are you basically talking about the same thing? :confused:

I believe Lag means this angle and not the TGM Cocked right wrist which in case of Couples is close to 180 as he is a swinger; but I may be wrong, in which case Lag will chime in.


As far as swinging goes, Couples, Moe, with the inline level wrists and clubshaft and left arm… that exactly what you want to do if you are swinging, and exactly NOT what you would want to do if you are hitting…

Two completely different approaches to moving the golf club around… and not much is compatible.