Snead on Transition

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This might be one of the most important Snead thoughts for someone like myself.

I think I’m going to work on this thought during the swing and see where it puts the club. I’ve heard Ernie Els describe this move too as just left hand being responsible, but Sam nails it down to two bottom fingers of the left hand.

Can someone explain to me what they see in Snead’s translation in regards to spine tilt.

I understand spine tilt gives us room to get the shaft on the 4:30 line (shallow) and I know that Snead obviously has it in his swing.

What does he do? From my perspective he has a very upright torso at transition (falls into his squat level) and then he creates the tilt late?

When he is pulling down with his two fingers, he is also pressuring down the right leg. This action has the effect of bumping the hips to the left and thus creating spine tilt. The key to this, what I find, is that while the hips are bumping left, the head and shoulders need to stay in position. Otherwise, the upper body will follow the hips, your weight will shift too early, and you’ll lose the slot.

Good answer to the question…