Snead on maximum rotation, minimal hand travel

Some real insight here… fantastic stuff…
I love these feel diagrams from the greats… wonderful stuff…

Hi Lag -

I’ve always enjoyed these visuals also. But this I don’t get. What is trying to say here? Was there an explanation that accompanied this?

The picture of his body inside the clock is the reality…
but the 9:00 hand key is where he feels his hands go… very abbreviated…
yet his shoulders feel they go forever… all the way to almost 2:00.

This is what I call maximum rotation combined with minimal hand travel.
This kind of intention creates the best pivot lag… as at transition, the pivot loads into the arms, and closes the gaps.
This is top shelf stuff, and I think Snead’s visual here is golden. We talk about this in module #4.

Oh… are you saying that’s all the further he feels his hands go on his backswing? Yet in reality, obviously they go much further. And then the right shoulder feels like it is pointing at 2 o’clock on the backswing for maximum rotation?

They’re like a foreign movie - no complicated story lines and special effects, just pure, simple message.

I’m quite glad to see that diagram - it’s exactly how I feel when I’m swinging well.

your backswing always goes back farther than you think…
This is a wonderful diagram…

lots of other great things too in this Snead thread…

This is one area where I definitely need to improve, so thanks for that.

ah, what a great visual.

I really like that thought. The last couple of weeks I felt I cured a hands vs. rotation problem by letting my ‘left’ shoulder -start- the backswing. This is why… to get more rotation, but less hand travel in the same amount of time!

Very cool way of looking at it though. I bet this ‘Snead’ guy was a decent player.

I tried this the other day and hit my best shots - it feels kind of wierd, almost as if I’m setting myself up for a reverse pivot. The advantage for me was that it felt easier to fire the hands. With a longer arm movement the hands tend to get lost or need more timing as to when to fire - this was the feeling for me.

Everyone always said Sanders had a funky swing. He goes right along with the max rotation and minimal hand travel idea that we are talking about here. His swing has long been regarded as weird and may look funny to some but when you know what to look for- it is actually dynamically a swing of beauty
Mod 1 (yes) Mod 2 (yes) Mod 3 (yes) and check out the PV5 position-- excellent stuff
I played with Doug a little and caddied for him a few times also- the guy killed it and was an absolute shotmaker-- The Peacock Of The Fairways