Snap goes the hosel..

I have always wanted a set of Cobra Mild Steel irons… they are from the late 70’s early 80’s I believe. I remember playing with Bob Shearer in Australia and he used them and Brett Ogle used them for years when he was an amateur and when he turned pro. great looking set, but I had never had them.
I always search for them and one day a set sprung up on flea-bay for $70…Buy It Now…snapped them up…3-PW
So I popped the shafts out as they were regular and whammed some X100’s in there.
The set came out nice in swing weight …all around D6-D9 so didn’t need much lead tape to get them constant…except the PW…it was D0…?? so that took a bunch of tape to get that up near the rest in swingweight
thought that was weird but nonetheless nothing some tape couldn’t fix
Now came time to drop the lie angles.
PW-9-8-7-6-5 bent like butter…dropped them down 6-7 degrees from what they were…got to the 4 iron…couldn’t move the friggin thing
I heated that thing up like a blacksmith , flaming red but it was an s.o.b to move…but finally got it where I wanted it to be as far as lie angle after several heats and bends and pauses and cussing
Then I went to the 3 iron…same thing…couldn’t move it…heated it, slowly bent it…tried and tried…got it moved about 2 degrees and went for some more and ----whannnggg-- the head snapped off

Now for some ungodly reason i am guessing the 3 and 4 iron were cast and not forged…I have no idea why but it seems the only logical reason…

Anyone else experienced a set of clubs that were mixed like that?..A bit upset as now I have no 3 iron but I can’t fathom how 5-PW were soft and then couldn’t budge the 3 and 4 at all
I looked in the heads to see if something crazy was stuck down there that wouldn’t allow me to bend them…but no blockage…very weird

Only far fetched things I can think of are:

  1. Chinese were making knock-offs even back then.

  2. A hosel-reducer (cylindrical shim) inside?

  3. The 3 and 4 were originally manufactured say 2 upright, a previous owner took them to 2 flat and you tried to take them more.

  4. Previous owner had trouble hitting 3 and 4 iron and chucked them a lot.

  5. Previous owner did ABS and weakened them repetitively hitting an impact bag.

Sorry to hear about the snapage 2M…

Just last week I was bending a late 1960’s MT 9-iron and it snapped/cracked…This is the first forged club that has ever snapped for me in close to 15 years…I was only dropping it 4 degrees…So maybe it just happens from time to time…

Oh :frowning:

You could get an American buddy to pick up the 3 iron listed on Ironfinder, or get a UK buddy to go for these: … :MEDWX:VRI

(includes 2 and 3 iron, 10 and SW, a misc Ironmaster, and other extras)

Sounds like they were cast heads into the lower irons…

If they don’t want to move, they are cast. Forged heads will move without much effort.