Sick to my stomach.....

I can’t believe it…I grew up playing this course with my Uncle as a kid in the early 1980’s, and have at least a hundred fond memories of this place. When I came back to golf about 16 months ago after a 20 year layoff, this was the first place that I REALLY wanted to play again, just to reminisce. Unfortunately I never made it back to play…and now it’s probably gonna go away for good. Three Texas Opens, and a PGA Championship…more history in the men’s bathroom alone than most courses could ever hope to have.
The one time Nicklaus came to San Antonio to play was here at Pecan…he got beat down so hard he vowed never to come back (at least that’s the legend).

Lag and I actually casually discussed having a TRGA event here sometime back…I would love to have seen he and Bradley work their way around this course…

Here’s a link to the website…I invite you guys to take a look before this place goes away for good:

For a taste of what Pecan was like in '68…have a read:

Simply because the course does not play properly with Frying Pans. More and more of this is to come. People really need to take a deep breath and reconsider embracing the direction the game is going. While it’s easy to write it off as “oh well, whatever”, there is a more noble stance to take in my opinion. The company who is managing this course is acting irresponsibly. It’s not always about the dollar. When they purchased this golf course, the history and responsibility of being the custodian of the venue should have been considered. It doesn’t take as much to run a golf course and people think. The course I play is also a historic course, run by a very small clubhouse with a total greens crew of 5 people. Goats will work for free to mow the fairways if things get really bad. The Scot’s had it right in the beginning.

It’s a sad day for golf in America.

i used to drive down from austin to play PV when i was in school. one of my favorite courses anywhere, great layout, great history. truly a

i’m curious as to why the city doesn’t step in and try to save it, make it a muni…san antonio has lot of very nice public courses (especially compared
to houston) to me PV still stands out as one of the best.

texas has hosted only a handful of majors- Cedar Crest-PGA, Dallas AC-PGA, Champions- US Open, Colonial - US Open and Pecan Valley - PGA are what
come to mind.

man i’m depressed…

Back in about 1981…I was 11 years old, my Uncle took me out there to play on January Day. We walked in the clubhouse, and somebody had located about 4 or 5 cardboard boxes of the ORIGINAL magazine/programs from the 1968 PGA Championship…brand new still in the box. They were just sitting there for people to take…so I took one. I still have that mag. on my bookshelf, in prisitne condition. If I get a chance, I’ll scan a few pages out of there to post on the site…from a nostalgic and historic perspective,there is some neat stuff in there.

I don’t understand why the city doesn’t buy the course for a muni either…it’s just a shame really.


It’s a sad day for America in America…for more reasons than I care to list! But I’ll stay steely-eyed and persevere. Better days are ahead though.

Captain Chaos

looks like there might be some hope in saving the course … ampionship