Yes,I am no club-maker,just like to tinker.I got some true temper rocket shafts cheap at a yard sale,and I am wondering if I could Make a heavy playable set of Irons out of these? they are uncut regular flex. can they be stiffened up any or at all,or did I waste my money Thanks

I’ve got a set of Hogan Precisions that had the Rocket shafts with the green shaft band (also reg. flex I think) and they didn’t seem very stiff or heavy to me.
You might get them stiffer by tip trimming them an inch or two.

I have some Hogan blades with “Precison 6.9 Shafts” by Brunswick. I have found information on 5,5.5,6,6.5,7 etc, but not 6.9.

I am figuring they are stiff, or extra stiff. Has anyone run into these before?