Shaft flex images - Overacceleration?


Is this the Master’s champ overaccelerating, or is his shaft too soft or is the camera’s shutter speed too slow as someone pointed out?
How about AK?


I’d say poor camera most likely

I can top it with shaft, hair and bad trousers from 2007

And can’t add an image?

Wow! The bowl of soup line comes to mind with those trousers! Wow!

It was for one day only but they were trousers, long before John Daly even got a gastric band :wink: never mind wore the trousers :laughing:

WD or anyone. tell us more about the club and shaft and how is this possible. It looks plenty funny almost like juggling a driver with a rope. :laughing:

I’d give Kim the benefit of the doubt for a poor shutter speed

I’d give Immelman a bad case of over acceleration too early and loss of flex Ogilvy Scott Harrington Villegas- he almost gets away with it because of his much better ground force work and less arm swing

I have no knowledge of equipment so I ask the questions

Are modern graphite shafts designed to flex like this?

What would their ball flight be if this didn’t happen?


I find it very difficult to accept the shutter speed theory.
Can someone please explain why only the shaft appears "warped"and nothing else? :slight_smile:

I just think the Kim photo is quite blurred overall and may actually be a still shot captured from a video? Sometimes those give a different appearance than what is visually happening, although I am sure Kim is bending it backwards and overaccel also to some degree

Immelman’s is a true photo and all in focus- that why his is honest over acceleration

I see…most people would find it hard to believe that pros actually over accelerate!

The long lightweight clubs are over acceleration black holes. Most everyone has become a velocity junkie. Hooked on clubhead speed and distance. High velocities do offer longer drives, but acceleration is lag pressure and feel, and acceleration is the secret to hitting the ball straight. Ideally we want both… acceleration into high velocity.

The lighter the club, the easier it is to over accelerate. The heavier the club, the more difficult it is to over accelerate.
It would be very difficult to over accelerate a sledge hammer, because you need to keep pushing and driving it, and you can feel the resistance in doing so…

Likewise, pull the head of a golf club so you just have the shaft in your hand and you can over accelerate that club all over the place.

It’s very important to understand that acceleration and velocity are not to be confused.

Tiger is a perfect example of what is going on here. His iron play is very good. Relatively speaking, his irons are much heavier than his driver. His backswing is compact, and he accelerates nicely with his irons, because he is trying to hit his irons a prescribed distance. With the driver, he can’t resist the temptation to over accelerate and create more velocity at the expense of acceleration. It’s not all his fault because the driver is so lightweight in his hands relatively speaking, that he has nothing to drive his pressure into… so he lives in a constant world of over acceleration and hitting the driver straight is more an act of randomness than precision. The modern game has grown up around him, the courses are relatively wide open now…and there is little penalty for being off line if you drive the ball 360 yards. A three shot par five does not exist unless the hole is over 700 yards. So the entire professional version of the game at least on the US PGA Tour is caught up into this paradigm. Fortunately not all golf courses are like this.

Getting back to shaft flex, here we have Peter Senior who has about the best action on the planet and he is holding shaft flex fine with a modern driver. It can be done with great hand speed and post impact pivot speed. All the more reason to really grind on the modules.


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I got this screen capture off a high speed camera from Youtube. Surely now shutter speed will not be hoodwinking us!
Grant Waite.jpg

Grant Waite is one of the better ball strikers and that’s why he almost holds flex all the way to the ball compared to the others. The lighter, graphite shaft is prone to do this because the head is harder to feel and over acceleration begins early. Waite holds it pretty well compared to others as you can see the difference in the shots posted above. That’s why he is known as a good ballstriker, as the shaft doesn’t twist or flex out of alignment as much for him because of his understanding of technique, unfortunately for him his problems are once he reaches the green as he has had trouble putting for quite some time otherwise he would feature in many more tournaments.

Chuck Evans holds shaft flex really well.
When I trained under him, his swing looked very simple and almost half speed - the sound he made sounded like he was striking a pebble!
Chuckie's shaft flex.jpg

I’m sure Chuck hits is great but perhaps there is an issue as to whether this flex is being created by the clubhead impacting the ground? Don’t get me wrong it might not be but perhaps there is room for ambiguity. Heres one of Crenshaw that I like.

Cheers, Arnie


The shaft will always flex back due to the impact collision. The golden photo is the one just before impact or at what I would call P 3.5 or half way down to impact from P3. The key is to be holding shaft flex coming into impact… This is the holy grail stuff I talk about.

Best really to get those other images out of your mind asap, and put in these instead…!

Ideal here…


I am not too familiar with Chuck Evans or his teachings… but that one photo screams CF throw release…
it looks like the left arm is starting to separate from the body… look at the photo of Crenshaw how he is
packed at the #4 pressure point… (left arm pit)… Much better…

I don’t like the idea of disconnecting the arms from The Master Accumulator (as Homer would call it)… anywhere
near the impact arena. As a CF swinger, I like the way Moe did it much better. If you want the CF model it’s Moe’s way
I have no doubt. Not only does it make more sense… I watched it with my own two eyes for years… FLUSH!!

Chuck Evans is very puritanical TGM. I guess that says it all.
He is definitely a CF thrower. I will remember the correct picture from now. :slight_smile:

Has anyone got any suggestions where I can get a print copy of that great Hogan picture holding shaft flex that Lag just posted…I am trying to immerse myself in great images!! :smiley:

This is a site that has some good shots- though they are watermarked… … his book The Hogan Mystique has some great shots

Here is another site with Hogan prints … … 2godsGXOnA

I don’t know if it contains that exact photo of Hogan above but may point you in the right direction