Seve- The legend

This is a very lump in the throat moment for all present and for those watching- but what a deserved winner.
It is sad to see in many ways but hopefully brighter days are ahead and Seve will always be remembered for who he was as a golfer of amazing skill and bravado


It is so rare that someone can do what many others are trying, and do it in a way that creates a world apart. The definition of one of a kind. Plus somebody picked up his Wood bros driver for a mere $274. Hope it was somebody here. I took a stab at the end. It was sitting at $150, and that would have been a crime to go that cheap.


Very sad.

There is no question that Seve is my favorite player ever, nobody even comes close. If it wasn’t for him I would have quit playing golf before I graduated high school. My whole life anytime I had to play a tournament round and it was apparent I had nothing, no swing, no game, no clue I would just say to myself, ‘OK Self, today is a Seve Day…’. I would make a new game up in my head where the challenge was how incredibly bad can I hit it, where can I go that no one has ever been that is technically on the property and still get it in the house 1 better than somebody (this game is not advisable in Cal Am Qualifying at Spyglass, iceplant very bad for this, found that out the hard way). Fairways?!? We dun need no stinkin fairways!!! Maybe half the time I’d find my swing or something by the back, but everytime, every single time I played this game I had some kind of smile on my face when I finished even if I was covered with dirt and pine straw. I wish I had more pictures of those days. God bless Severiano Ballesteros. So cool, so the Man. James Dean meets Elvis meets Placido Domingo. More crazy game in one finger than I could ever imagine y juevos del Toro.

My Dad played with him :slight_smile:

He is a big hero in our house. The picture taken before they teed off is on the way up the stairs (alongside the picture of Hogan’s 1 iron I got him).

Links to some good Golf Digest articles on Seve. I can completely relate to LCDV’s story about having Seve days- great description!
I tied with him in a European tour event a good few years ago- unfortunately we missed the cut by 9 shots, but what are you gonna do, I couldn’t be happier about the stat :slight_smile: The funny thing was that we were the only two on that score and I couldn’t convince my non golfing friends that it was a bad week- they just saw me and Seve together and thought I’d made it! Good stuff.
I love him like I love certain authors or musicians. Nobody else put that much out there for all to see- he was completely exposed every time he played, he couldn’t contain how much it meant to him so everyone got to see the highs and lows that go with that. You could argue that it meant too much to him, but like any real artist, he was consumed by his craft and his search for himself in it. People like that rarely burn too long but they tend to burn the brightest. I hope he finds some peace at some point.

I was fortunate to watch Seve play in a Madrid Open sometime in the 1980’s. I forget the exact year but I know few months after Seve went on to win the Open. It was the third round and Seve’s playing partner was a young Jesper Parnevik. Jesper had the honors on the 18th tee, a long semi uphill Par 5 in the Puerto de Hierro golf club. Jesper hit a nice one down the middle. Next was Seve. I can still see this shot clearly in my head. Seve teed the ball and I noticed that the tee was conspicuously higher. Then I asked myself, “where is this guy aiming?” He was aiming out to right field. Then the swing came. He looked like he swung a baseball bat, took it back flat and swung through with an uppercut like he was trying to hit a homerun. The ball just exploded high to the right and just when you thought it was sailing to the next fairway, came the massive hook. That ball rolled like crazy after it hit the ground. Following him up the fairway, he was possibly forty yards ahead of Jesper. Seve birdied the last hole and went on to win the tournament. Craziest drive I ever saw.